Golden thread competition...are you a winner?

Are you a winner in our golden threads competition? 

Throughout August we ran eight very special chat threads across The Student Room's forums

We've now randomly picked one winner from each of these threads, with each person winning a £25 Amazon voucher.

And one lucky winner has had their prize automatically upgraded to a brand-new iPad air 2!

Are you one of our golden threads winners? What have you won? Scroll down to find out...

Golden threads competition winners

Winner #1 posted in: How do you plan to celebrate your exam results? 

Winner #1 is

OwlOfFire who wins a £25 Amazon voucher!



Winner #2 posted in: What's your ultimate summer tune? 

Winner #2 is

22Ducks who wins a £25 Amazon voucher!



Winner #3 posted in: Which GCSE subject can you not wait to ditch? 

Winner #3 is

Izz_B who wins a £25 Amazon voucher!



Winner #4 posted in: Sum up how you're feeling about results day in a meme or gif 

Winner #4 is

Platopus who wins a £25 Amazon voucher!



Winner #5 posted in: The fibs your teacher told you in school 

Winner #5 is

jellygiraffe who wins an iPad air 2!



Winner #6 posted in: Starting uni: what are you most excited about? 

Winner #6 is

lunak97 who wins a £25 Amazon voucher!



Winner #7 posted in: One essential piece of advice you'd give to someone starting their A-levels 

Winner #7 is

jamesthehustler who wins a £25 Amazon voucher!



Winner #8 posted in: What's the one thing that will get you through results day? 

Winner #8 is

TheYearNiner who wins a £25 Amazon voucher!



If you're a winner, keep an eye on your PMs. We'll be in touch!

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