How to spend £30,000 in a hurry

You've got a lump sum of cash, now how to spend it? We'll help you decide...

You wake up one morning and a generous, anonymous soul has filled your bank account with 30 grand. It's yours to keep and you can spend it on absolutely anything you want.

What do you do next?

Well, other than jumping out of bed and doing an excited little jig, you’ll have to decide how to spend it. There’s lots of sensible things you could do - buy a house, invest it, pay off any debt - the list goes on. But what if you want to get a little crazy?

Inspired by Circle’s new competition, in association with The Student Room (where there’s a game-changing £30,000 up for grabs) we asked the TSR community that very question. Here’s what they came up with...


Buy something you’ve always wanted

“I’d buy the absolute biggest bag of cans for the lads” - Retired_Messiah

“I’d buy a bit more stationery!” - A.N123

“I'd buy a sack of socks” - Uranium Potato

Well, at least you’d never worry about losing one in the washing machine again.


Treat those you love

“I’d give it all to my parents to be honest. They've done a lot for me” - Boredom101

“I would use some to take my mum and little boy to Disneyland Paris as they've never been, but would love to go.” - weathergirl96

“I'd pay off my mum's mortgage.” - Ally-mai


Do something great for the world

“I’d build a school in a less economically-developed country through investment.” - Aishabushra

“I’d give it to charity.” - chewy suarez

“I'd use it for living expenses so that I could volunteer overseas to get experience that I currently cannot afford to undertake.” - SophieSmall

“I’d probably donate it to a children's charity. If I didn't earn it, it doesn't feel right to benefit from it.” - Ganjaweed Rebel


Invest it and double your money... maybe

“I’d put 20k in the bank and spend 10k buying shares.” - roronoa1zoro

“Right now, I’d probably put it in some sort of investment. If I was older, I'd probably try to save it. Unfortunately, the BMW E60 M5 exists...” - TheMindGarage

“I’d invest in cryptocurrency.” - Nina Squirrel

Just be careful how you invest it:

“I’d buy fidget spinners, then sell them at my school’s black market for double the price to the year 7s.” - username3071756


Just don’t blow it...

“I’d bribe the exam boards.” - WillPhillips

“I'd probably spend a grand or two on books, then sit on the floor surrounded by the piles of them, and cry at my financial ineptness.” - Kocytean

“I’d buy 30,000 scratch cards” - Trinculo


Or just miss the point completely

“I’d wonder why I woke up and go back to sleep.” - username1439610

“I’d make some memes?” - President Hawk


Now you have some inspiration for how you’d spend it, why not turn your hypothetical £30k into a reality?

Just come and enter Circle’s amazing competition, in association with The Student Room, and a whopping £30,000 could be yours for the taking.

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How would you spend £30K?

Would you pay off debt, or travel the world? (You can even discuss your dream gap year here!)

Join in with the discussion below.

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