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It's trending on Twitter and it's taken TSR by storm! 'Five words to ruin a date' ranges from the most awkward to hilarious to downright creepiest things you could say to put an end to a date!

Have a read of the highlights so far:

(Original post by 061194)
"I need to fart............ sorry"

(Original post by the bear)
"Mummy can sit over here"

(Original post by chlobrofo)
"I don't do commitment, sorry"

(Original post by Kittiara)
"I did quite like prison..."

(Original post by channies)
"This isn't awkward at all."

(Original post by SmallDuck)
"You don't mind paying... right?"

(Original post by Tillybop)
"What was your name again?"
Awkward couple sitting on steps
(Original post by ilem)
"I didn't bring my wallet"

(Original post by CharmingCat)
"My life is Sky Sports."

(Original post by CatnipGlows)
"Do you like my crocs?"

(Original post by LiamTM2011)
"My celebrity crush? Katie Hopkins"

(Original post by treasureBelle)
"I'm not over my ex."

(Original post by Hody421)
"You looked better on Instagram"

(Original post by SirMasterKey)
"I don't believe in love."

(Original post by ubderteknik)
"My ex liked that too."

Join in and post your five words to ruin a date here!

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