Words by Nik Taylor
Quite frankly, I have never been so scared of a piece of paper before.
With A-level results released in just a few days, TSR member Matt_dragon's post on the 'How is everyone feeling about results?' discussion sums up the mood of many.

If you're among those waiting for results on Thursday, you're probably sharing the nervousness that's on show in that discussion. More than one third of TSR members (37%) think they've done worse than their predicted grades, with a further 24% not even willing to hazard a guess.

For many people, the waiting is the worst part. TSR member Mr boombang is playing the old try-to-ignore-anything's-happening game, saying: "The more I think about it, the more nervous I get. So at the moment I'm just pretending nothing that important is going on on 15th August!"

While Carina65 adds: "The worst part is having a good dream about your results, only to realise that it wasn't reality and it was just a dream."

Not everyone is nervous, though. One third of TSR members think they've hit their predicted grades for uni, while 8% are confident of getting better-than-predicted results.

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