There are several options for accommodation while you're studying in New Zealand, you just have to decide which is right for you.

Halls of residence

Halls of residence are usually located on, or very close by, the university campus meaning it'll be convenient for going to lectures and seeing friends. Usually you will either get a single or twin room which means you may be sharing with someone but that's a great way to make a friend as soon as you arrive.

Often bed linen and cleaning are provided and there is an on-site warden to help with any problems. Most halls of residence have communal dining halls which will cater for any dietary requirements you have.

Sometimes social and sports activities are organised for residents which is a great way to have fun and get to know the people you're living in.

Student hostels

These are similar to halls of residence, however, they'll also have computer labs and recreation rooms as well. You'll also find there's usually a shared kitchen and living room between six and eight people. Student hostels are self-catered so, unlike in halls of residence, you'll have to make all your food yourself, or eat out.

Homestay or private board

This is where you rent a room in a suburban house and stay with a host family; they'll provide you with meals and pay all the bills and you just pay rent to them.

In this situation you usually start to feel like you become a part of the family and get involved in their lives so it's a great way to get used to and immerse yourself in New Zealand's culture.

Renting a house or apartment

You can choose to rent somewhere either on your own or with other people and you can choose your own flatmates so you can live with friends if you want. You can usually find anything from a one or two bedroom flat to an entire house.

It's worth doing plenty of research into the place before you sign any contracts as some are only available unfurnished with nothing but an over, laundry machines, curtains and carpet, so you'll have to consider the cost of buying furniture on top of your rent.

When privately renting an apartment like this you'll also be responsible for paying all utility bills including water, gas, electricity, phone and internet connections.

Most universities have an accommodation office where you'll be abe to find ads for flats and houses, or you can check the local newspapers and websites.
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