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Viewings of property can be arranged, where properties are finished and open. To book a viewing either email, call or pop into either office.

X1 Accommodation

If you decide on an X1 Lettings property for your accommodation you can make the reservation online by visiting: http://www.x1lettings.com/booking-reservation/. At this stage you need to select your accommodation and room type, complete your contact details and pay your £150 deposit, which is entered in to the DPS scheme. This can all be done online, but alternative methods can be used if you contact X1 Lettings. Once this stage is complete, your reservation will be held for 7 days.

Following the online submission students are contacted to confirm the reservation and be provided with a tenancy agreement. To secure the booking a completed tenancy agreement and details of a guarantor are required together with a service charge of £150 within 7 days which can be paid online. The deposit is held in a tenancy deposit protection scheme within 14 days and is refunded at the end of the tenancy (subject to terms and conditions). If the booking is cancelled before moving into the room then the deposit is kept as a cancellation fee.

The tenancy agreements are for 48 weeks, and run from September 2015 through to August 2016. Rent can be paid in one lump sum in September or if a guarantor is in place then it can be split into three instalments for September, January and April. The rent includes all utility bills (water and electricity) as well as internet and where provided SKY TV packages.