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Having somewhere safe and secure to call home is a reasonable expectation when going off to university. For X1 Lettings, all of their accommodation provides secure entry access, typically in the form of a key fob for access. Additional security is provided with CCTV cameras in place and for some sites there is even on site security.

X1 Accommodation - Arndale

On-site Gyms

A common theme with the accommodation provided by X1 Lettings is the inclusion of an on-site gym. Access to each gym is provided free-of-charge to all students living there, saving on the regular monthly cost of having a gym membership. An on-site gym is the ultimate convenience; no more carrying a kit bag round with you and being paranoid if you forget your deodorant! Having the gym on-hand makes it no easy to fit some exercise into the week to balance out the partying.


TV is a continual theme when looking at properties available with X1 Lettings. Most rooms include a TV complete with Freeview. All communal TVs and those in studio flats also have a SKY TV sports and movie package thrown in. Having the luxury of SKY TV means you can skip the cinema or having to go to the pub to watch footie, and means it’s possible to have some cheap nights in while still being sociable.

Laundry Facilities

The properties from X1 Lettings all have some provision for laundry. The facilities do vary depending on the accommodation; from an on-site laundrette where students have the benefit of proximity to their room, but with a cost involved to use it through to some flats and studios where washer/dryers are included.


The properties are all newly built with modern appliances, however there can still be times when something goes wrong or needs fixing. All the rooms provided by X1 Lettings are supported by a team of maintenance staff, so once a problem has been reported they will take on the responsibility for getting it fixed. There is a 24-hour number to call just in case of any problems even in the middle of the night.

Standards, Accreditations and Protection

X1 Lettings is a member of a number of associations and organisations. As a member of the National Code of Assured Accommodation (http://www.nationalcode.org/), they agree to comply with a code of standards, deemed appropriate for private larger accommodation typically rented to students. This covers commitments on subjects such as repairs and maintenance, access rights, health and safety and security. The full details of this code is available to read here. Similarly X1 Lettings is also a member of the The Property Ombudsman. They have a mandatory code of practice for their members, details of which can be read here

X1 Lettings also have accreditation from Liverpool Student Homes and Manchester Student Homes, the official university services for private accommodation. Students renting accommodation with X1 Lettings can feel confident that certain standards have been agreed to and should these fail to be met there is protection in place.