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Accommodation plays a key role in the quality of student life. During the university selection process, prospective students are encouraged to think about the type of accommodation they would like to live in. During this time there are several ways that prospective students can take a look at the accommodation provided by X1 Lettings. There are photos and videos to look at on the website which help to give an initial feel for the accommodation. To look through all the videos available X1 Lettings has a YouTube channel here. Students that would like to take a closer look at the accommodation can arrange a viewing just by contacting the local office.

Rooms provided by X1 Lettings are not restricted to 1st year students, so places can begin to get booked up early for the upcoming academic year. Therefore if a student is looking to rent accommodation with X1 Lettings they are advised to go online and reserve a room at their chosen site as soon as possible after receiving confirmation of their university place. Reservations can be made here.

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Why would I choose to rent privately rather than live in halls?

Not all students are guaranteed university accommodation in their first year. Even where that is on offer some may not feel it is for them. X1 Lettings provide students with conveniently located, city centre accommodation that can provide a slightly higher standard than University provided halls.

Does the rent cover all bills or are there any extra costs?

The rent paid to X1 Lettings covers the cost of a room as well as all associated utility bills, such as water and electricity. Internet is also included in the rent and where stipulated a SKY TV package is included for the communal TV or Studio flat. Students will need to have individual TV licences if having a TV in their room and are encouraged to take out their own personal contents insurance to cover possessions. Where there is an on-site gym this is free for tenants to use. For sites with a launderette facility these are pay-to-use and are coin operated.

How will I meet people if I’m not on campus?

X1 Lettings organises some moving in events – like Chapel Street’s Moving In Day ‘free bar, hotdogs and popcorn’ - to make new tenants feel welcome and have the chance to get to know their neighbours.

Are there rooms with disabled access available? The types of rooms and access available varies between different sites, however X1 Lettings is committed to helping those with disabilities and states that “no charge will be incurred for the adaption of a room to enable disabled access.”

Who would I contact if I had a problem with my room?

X1 Lettings pride themselves on being a friendly, approachable team. Students are invited to stop by the office for a beer and a chat if they have any issues with their room (or they just want a beer!). For any faults or things needing fixing there is a maintenance team on-hand, students just need to call the office to let them know or in cases of emergency there is an out-of-hours number to call.