Words by: jeanlucpicard
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It's Friday 13 March and we've once again got the chance to enjoy some of the best bits of entertainment which the BBC produces all year. You've got it, it’s Comic Relief 2015.

<br>Get yourself ready for an evening of laughter as we see some of old faces of television making a 'one-night-only' appearance. To get you prepared, Jeanlucpicard has put together five things that you definitely can’t miss on the night of Comic Relief.
<h2>1) James Bond special</h2>
“Shaken, not stirred”<br>
<br>Are you as excited as me when you even hear the iconic numbers 007? Daniel Craig is taking part in a one-off James Bond sketch just for Comic Relief and it’s going to be a big one (apparently). So to get in spirit of it all, I’ll be getting my cocktail shaker out and will be glued to my TV wondering what the magic man will produce next. I’m guessing this is all in aid of the new film coming out at the end of the year, but still, should be a good one.
<h2>2) National Treasure 2015</h2>
“To me, to you, to me, to you”<br><br>
<br>If you grew up in the 90s, you’ll definitely remember the two Chuckles. Barry and Paul Chuckle are making an appearance in what I can imagine will be slightly cringe, but hilarious to watch. If you can take the Chuckle Brothers with a pinch of salt and you’re up for a bit of slapstick comedy, then you can’t miss the Chuckle Brothers and other celebs in what the BBC has referred to as “National Treasure 2015”.

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<h2>3) Mr. Bean</h2>
“The bean is back”<br><br>
<br>It’s been eight years since Mr Bean has been on Red Nose Day but once again Rowan Atkinson is putting on the brown suit, putting on that tie and getting in character to act as the Mini Cooper-loving Mr Bean. I’m just looking forward to what mess he’s going to get himself into this time. Definitely worth a watch if you’re a Rowan Atkinson fan. #Bringbeanback
<h2>4) Little Britain</h2>
“I want that one”<br><br>
<br>This one took me by surprise. Stephen Hawking will be appearing alongside David Walliams in a Comic Relief Little Britain special. Hawking becomes a bigger legend and will play a part with Lou (Walliams’ character). Walliams is a brilliant showman and comedian but who knows what he'll get up to for this one; I genuinely don’t know what to expect, anything could happen.
<h2>5) The Vicar of Dibley</h2>
“No, no, no, no, no…..yes”<br><br>
<br>A personal favourite, a classic some might say. Geraldine Granger is a making her way back onto the BBC for a Vicar of Dibley special. I always used to watch the Vicar of Dibley not that I had the choice in the matter as it was always on our TV, but I grew to love it (as sad as that may sound). It’ll be nice to see Dawn French playing the role she once loved so make sure you give it watch. So be prepared, Geraldine, Alice and the Dibley gang are back.
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