Collegiate accommodation


‘Cardiff accommodation "Summit House", in a very convenient location. Business, law and engineer students are located within 20 minutes walking distance from their place of study, which is very convenient.

Overall, the accommodation is one of the most prestigious, but in my opinion the most prestigious in Central Cardiff. Its features: A small theatre, a gym, just 2 minutes from the main street in Cardiff, and there are people from different countries, especially students from Europe, the post-Soviet countries and America.

I stayed in this accommodation 1 year, and I only have good memories of Summit House.’

Shodmonbek – Summit House, Cardiff


I am really glad I chose living here instead of a privately owned flat or student accommodation. Gateway has an excellent community and committed staff, not to mention gorgeously designed rooms and communal areas.

Nicholas Carpenter – Gateway Apartments, Edinburgh

As a university student, living in Collegiate Residences has been stress free and great. The definite stand out feature of the residence is the quality of their rooms, helping students feel comfortable when away from home. From the responsive staff, facilities available and strategic location, 'living' has been one less problem to think about during University Life!

Haikal Danial – Alwyn Court, Cardiff


I have to say I have spend an excellent time with your accommodation team in the last few months. The issues always are solved in a short time and employers are very friendly, especially my accommodation manager Rachel. Rachel is really helpful and helped us to deal with some tricky issues and I wanna say thanks to her again here. I recommend other students to choose Collegiate AC Ltd, because this is a lovely and responsible team!

Hang – Northgate Apartments, Cardiff


I once read a quote which stated that "the most memorable moments in life can only be summoned upon coincidences"; our most memorable year was spent in "The Dean Clarke Lofts" fulfilled with meeting new friends and colleague. Finding such great accommodation with its level of comfort and coziness was a complete coincidence for us and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Pouya Sadeghi Pour and Hanieh Bolourian - Dean Clarke Lofts, Exeter

I feel like I’m at home when staying at Summit House, all the staff are lovely and since I live in the city center, it is very convenient to do everything.

Lusha – Summit House, Cardiff


I really have loved my time living at Summit House in Cardiff, the flat was fresh, contemporary and in a central location so everything I needed was in close walking distance. The staff were kind, helpful and hospitable beyond measure and always a pleasure to chat with. Couldn't have asked for a better place to call home in Cardiff :)

Ryan – Summit House, Cardiff


The best place i could find to replace my home and create a new one for me and my husband! you will have the best time of your life...if you are smart book it fast! :)

Irini Papadimitriou – Gateway Apartments, Edinburgh

If I were to say that Dean Clarke Lofts is the epitome of one's home away from home, I wouldn't be exaggerating. Steeped in history, with high ceiling, a mezzanine and large windows in one of the most iconic parts of Exeter, my loft offered a mix of quintessential British charm and contemporary style. The moment I stepped through the door, I knew I had picked the right place. It simply had a good feel about it when walking in; and it is no less than a wonderful experience to move into a new space that actually and instantly feels yours.

The high standards of the loft and its first class city centre location were only topped up by the management at Dean Clarke’s. They were omnipresent and remarkably human in many ways. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of. The result was a combination of an attractive, functional, quality living space and a safe environment that didn't compromise privacy, well maintained and worry-free, shared with some of the most courteous and considerate co-residents one can wish for.

Nihal – Dean Clarke Lofts, Exeter