Industrial Placements

Many students currently studying on a degree course look for the opportunity to spend a year in industry. The ones who choose Aldi certainly aren’t disappointed. We offer an eye-opening, 12-month introduction to how we work. And we think you’ll find we’re more than just your average retailer.

There are supermarket jobs, and then there are Aldi jobs. We work at a much faster pace than other places. Which can be really tough. So you have to be hardworking, passionate and quick-thinking. You’ll get plenty of support (in fact many Placement Students notice the ‘family feel’ straight away). But that also comes with a surprising level of responsibility, so we suggest you do your homework before applying. There are fast rotations around the business and a chance to express your ideas and perspective along the way. It can be a lot to take in. But if you’re passionate about customers and a smooth-running business, you'll be halfway there.

Join us and you’ll gain an invaluable insight into how we tick; how we’ve changed from being ‘just a discount store’ into one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. You’ll tend to learn a lot about yourself too. For instance, when someone hands you the keys to a store and says ‘you’re in charge’, do you panic and run away screaming? Or do you find your retail backbone, drum up support from the rest of the team and lead your store to victory?

What you can expect in return

  • A £25,000 salary for the 12 months you spend with us
  • 4 weeks’ annual leave (plus bank holidays