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The detail

What does it look like?

The HEAR is made up of eight sections and can be up to six pages long:
  • Personal information
  • Information on your course and institution
  • Qualification level
  • Course content, structure and results
  • Function of the qualification
  • Additional information
  • University authentication
  • Information on the national Higher Education system

How is it updated?

Your HEAR will be updated by your university and students’ union automatically for all verified activities. Verified activities will vary from university to university so make sure you find out exactly what can count towards your HEAR. You will also have a chance to review your HEAR throughout your time at university and you’ll have the option to remove activities from section 6.1 (extra-curricular) if you want to.

How do I access it?

If you are trying to access your HEAR account, your university may have specific pages dedicated to the HEAR. If your university uses Digitary, you can access your report here. If you are a student or graduate from any of the institutions below, you will need to visit the Gradintel website.