Opportunities for School Leavers

We love School Leavers at CGI. So much that we have one of the largest School Leaver programmes in the UK with our programmes designed for School Leavers (18+) including a Sponsored Degree and Higher Apprenticeship programme.

Choose a career with the world’s 5th largest IT Services Company with a starting salary of £14,000.

Choose to gain a degree in Business or IT with all tuition fees paid for.

Choose CGI’s Sponsored Degree Programmes.

CGI’s Sponsored Degree Programme offers School Leavers the chance to simultaneously gain a degree, a higher apprenticeship and start their career. Join our programme and you’ll study towards a degree at the University of Winchester one day a week and spend the other four developing your skills and career on the job on real-live projects at CGI based in Reading or Leatherhead. You’ll also benefit from a starting salary of £14,000, fully paid tuition fees and all the support you need to succeed.

We offer both a BSc (Hons) Information Systems Management if you are interested in Computer Science/Software/Programming and a BA (Hons) Business Management for IT for those more interested in Business/Economics but with a passion to work in the IT industry.

You need to have (or be predicted to get) at least 300 UCAS points across three A-Levels at grade C or above (excluding General Studies) or equivalent or a completed Advanced IT Apprenticeship. For the BSc programme, your A-Levels should include an IT related subject, unless you can show technical ability through work experience or extra-curricular activities. We also look for a minimum of five A*-C GCSEs (or equivalent), including English and Maths, plus the confidence, drive and resilience to work and study at the same time.

Choose a fast-tracked career path into the IT industry working for the world’s 5th largest IT Services Company.

Choose to further your education and training with a world class training provider.

Choose CGI’s Higher Apprenticeship Programmes.

CGI’s Higher Apprenticeship Programme offers people aged 18-24 the opportunity to earn and learn on the job. As a Higher Apprentice at CGI you will follow a structured training schedule of 12 weeks with our training provider QA across the two year programme furthering your education and knowledge of software, cyber security and IT.

We offer full time permanent job contracts so you’ll have a career with us from day 1. You’ll specialise in either Software Development, Open Source, SAP, Oracle or Cyber Security. You’ll spend time training outside of CGI with industry experts then get taught on the job at CGI with our subject matter experts on your projects.

You need to have (or be predicted to get) at least 180 UCAS points across two A-Levels at grade C or above (excluding General Studies) or equivalent which includes a STEM subject (unless you can demonstrate strong extra-curricular skills) or a completed Advanced IT Apprenticeship. We also look for a minimum of five A*-C GCSEs (or equivalent), including English and Maths, plus the confidence, drive and resilience to work and study at the same time.

Other Programmes

We have other adhoc apprenticeship programmes across the year including payroll level two apprentices.

Meet our people

David from CGI


Higher Apprentice – Software Development

Previous Education: A-Levels

My Current Role: My current role is testing on the Insight Investigate Project, this includes testing the functionality of the Investigate application and raising any bugs when needed. I have also done some Coded UI work which is automated testing through C#, one of the benefits of Coded UI is that it’s automatically run and prevents doing regression testing manually.

My Usual Working Day: My usual working day would be getting in the office for 8:45am, checking e-mails and HipChat for any project updates, log into Visual Studio TFS and take a look at the tasks for the day. I then prepare for the 10:30am daily stand up call between the team. I will check my timetable to see if I’ve got any other meetings or calls on that day or later on in the week. I will usually meet up with other students for lunch, then I get back to work and leave the office about 5:30pm.

What I enjoy most about working for CGI: My favourite thing about working for CGI is that there is no restriction to what type of work you want to do, you can try different roles and see which one suits you best.

Hannah from CGI


Sponsored Degree Programme – BA Business Management for IT

Previous Education: A-Levels

My Current Role: I am currently working in the Cyber Sector as a Bid Coordinator. My role requires me to work as part of the Cyber sales community, liaising with the account team and supporting the business in progressing opportunities from initial prospects to on-contract work.

My Usual Working Day: I get up at 6 or 7 depending on my location for the day. I travel by train to my office that day which can be a journey between 10 minutes to an hour, depending on where I am traveling to. Once I get into the office I set up my laptop and get a coffee. I will then check my emails to see if there have been any bid enquiries or any replies to enquiries that I have made. I have on average 2 meetings a day, in which I feedback my progress and get set new actions that need to be completed that day. I have lunch at 12 with other friends on the sponsored degree programme or have a lunch meeting with my cyber colleges. I will work throughout the day and by 5 o’clock I will spend time completing any university assignments that require research.

What I enjoy most about working for CGI: I enjoy gaining work experience with a global corporation, where I feel that I am acquiring new responsibilities and progressing my career.

Tiff from CGI


Higher Apprentice – Software Development

Previous Education:A-Levels in Business, Biology and Applied IT

My Current Role: I am a Java Developer working on adding functionality to an existing program to meet new client requirements. This involves understanding exactly what the existing code does, and then adding my code, checking it works, and then writing unit tests. I am working away from my base office at another CGI office.

My Usual Working Day: The project I’m on requires me to work away from home so I live in a hotel during the week, along with a few other people on my project. On a typical day I have breakfast with a group of Dutch guys who come over from the Netherlands to work my project. I then get to work just before 8, switch on my desktop and laptop to check my emails, have a cup of tea, and then begin working on the code I’ve been assigned for the day. At 12:30 I go to the canteen for lunch. If it’s a Friday then a good part of the day will be spent with my team arguing over whether custard donuts are better than jam donuts, followed by lunch at the local pub with all the apprentices, sponsored degree people, graduates and anyone else!

What I enjoy most about working for CGI: Working for such a big company means that you are always meeting new, interesting people, whether they’re on your project or just happen to be catching the same train as you. It also means that there’s pretty much always a social event to look forward to, whether it’s a comedy night, spring ball or a day dragon boat racing.

Richard from CGI


Higher Apprentice – Cyber Security

Previous Education:I did Maths and the Sciences at A-Level then started a degree in engineering which didn’t work out for me.

My Current Role: I am working for a large project in the public sector working to assess the risks of new complex system and assisting in creating the process and procedure to mitigate those risks.

My Usual Working Day: Arrive and am ready to work by 9 o’clock. Work until 12 then take lunch with the others on my course, which is a great to break up the day and catch up with their project work so we can round out our knowledge and experience as we are at the same point in our careers doing very different projects. After lunch it is back to work until the day ends at 17:30. Some days may be spend visiting client site for meetings and updates

What I enjoy most about working for CGI: What I enjoy most about CGI is how dynamic it is security is really part of everything CGI does it gives a really wide breadth of projects with lots of opportunity to move between them. I have also found everyone to be enthusiastic and engaging making it easier to ask questions and they are keen to pass on their knowledge.