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Pre-registration Programme 2016 FAQs

Q: How many placements are available?

We have opportunities for up to 100 trainees across the UK including:

• 7 - 9 placements in Scotland

Q: What are the eligibility criteria?

To apply you must be a 3rd year MPharm student or an MPharm graduate. You must also have the right to live and work in the UK, you will be asked to provide proof of this at the assessment and offer stage.

In addition you will also have previous pharmacy work experience, further details given below.

Q: Do I need previous pharmacy experience to complete the placement?

Ideally students will have a minimum of 4 weeks UK retail community pharmacy work experience.

This can be either a summer placement in a community pharmacy or regular part time work in a community pharmacy environment. Experience can be paid, voluntary or a mix of the two

This experience does not have to be with our business but must be community based.

Q: What locations are available and how will I know if there is a pre-registration vacancy in the area where I want to work?

We have placements at a large number of locations across the UK, locations will be detailed on the job advert.

When you complete the application there will be section for you to specify the location you wish to work in.

Our programme is competitive some areas in very high demand such as Manchester, London, Cardiff, Birmingham and Glasgow. Therefore you will need to be as flexible as possible regarding location.

Q: How do I apply?

Applications need to be made on our Application Form via our website

Please see attached guide on how to apply.

In addition to the areas covering personal details, academic and work experience you will also be required to provide responses to two competency based questions.

Q: What is a competency and how do I answer this question?

Competency questions require you to give a specific example to show how you have demonstrated that behavior in response to the question being asked.

When providing a response to the question you need to demonstrate what you did, why, the outcome achieved, feedback received and any learning points you have gained. The detail you provide on each area will depend on the question being asked.

Key points to remember are:

• Be specific
• Detail what you did, why and the outcome achieved
• Ensure you have answered the question asked
• Ensure that the content reads well and is easy to follow

Q: What is the closing date for applications?

Applications for placements in England, Wales and Scotland close at midnight on Sunday 19th April

You must submit your application for it to be considered.

Q: I am currently working in the business do I still need to apply?

Yes. All internal employees must submit an application.

Q: Do I still need to apply if I have submitted a Summer Placement Application?


If you are in your 3rd Year and submitted a joint application for the Summer Placement and Pre-registration programme you do not need to apply again for Pre-registration.

If you are not offered a Summer Placement but have met the criteria for Pre-registration you will be considered along with other candidates for assessment.

Q: Can I apply even if I have not completed a Summer Placement?

Yes. Our programme is open to all 3rd year students. You do not need to have completed a placement with us. However you will ideally have 4 weeks UK community pharmacy experience.

Q: I am a Scottish student do I need to submit an application?

Yes. In order to gain a place on our NES Preference List you need to submit an application and progress through our assessment process.

Q: What is the application and assessment process?

You will need to complete an on-line application. This will require you to detail your work experience, location preferences, you will be required to answer two competency based questions and general questions to provide an overview of your skills and experience.

Applications will be screened following the closing date and you will be advised of the outcome.

We will keep you updated on the status of your application via e-mail.

Q: How will I know you have received my application?

You will receive an e-mail confirming your application has been received.

Q: When and where will the assessments be held?

Assessments will be held at venues across the UK.

Assessments for our Northern Ireland placements will be held in Belfast during March/April.

Assessments for all other locations will be held in June and July.

Q: When will I be notified if I have been successful at the screening stage and invited to an assessment?

We aim to get back to you candidates as soon as possible following the closing date. All responses will be via e-mail.

Q: What if I have been unsuccessful at the screening stage?

You will receive an e-mail from us advising you of the outcome. Unfortunately due to the high level of applications received we are unable to provide individual feedback.

Q: What is the offer process?

All offers are conditional on you passing your exams and graduating to commence the programme in July 2016.

You will receive a verbal offer which will confirm the location that has been offered to you, if that is acceptable with you it will be followed up in writing.

A contract will be issued once you have accepted the conditional offer.

By accepting an offer either verbally or in writing, you are entering into a legally binding contract. Once you accept an offer you are expected to honor your acceptance.

Q: If I am offered a place how long will I have to respond?

Response dates will be confirmed at the time of your offer and are normally 1-2 weeks from the date of offer.

We hope you will make your decision quickly as it is likely that we will have other students who can be offered a place should you choose not to accept.

We appreciate you may be waiting outcomes of other interviews but would ask you not to hold on to an offer for an extended period of time, if you need more time to make a decision and we will endeavor to accommodate this.

Q: What happens if I have accepted an offer but fail any of my final exams?

Offers are subject to you passing your final exams and graduating so you can commence on the programme in July 2015. Therefore, if you do not pass your exams and graduate your offer will be withdrawn.

You should advise us as soon as you receive your results if you have not passed your degree.

Q: What if I have mitigating circumstances?

If you have mitigating circumstances that can be substantiated with a letter from your university please contact us directly and we will discuss this with you any decisions will be made on an individual case by case basis.

Q: What is the start date for the programme?

Start date is Monday 25th July 2016

Q: What is expected of me during the Pre-registration programme?

You will be assigned to a specific branch and tutor. Your tutor will have been qualified for at least 3 years and will be a permanent employee.

Your assigned branch will be delivering a minimum of 1500 items, meeting their MUR targets and where possible delivering enhanced services, this should give you the opportunity to gain the most from the programme.

Our 52 week structured training programme has been developed by experienced pharmacists in our Learning and Professional Development team and is aligned to the requirements laid out by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). The programme is designed to equip you for your future pharmacy career and developing you into a commercial focused responsible pharmacist. In addition you will be given the support needed to enable you to pass your pre-registration assessment.

During the programme you will attend quarterly residential conferences which will include:

• an opportunity to network with other pre-registration students
• development of clinical and managerial skills
• preparation support for the Pre-registration Assessment including calculations practice
• interactive workshops
• an opportunity to learn more about the business

We will also provide you with the training and product knowledge to provide over the counter (OTC) medication and products. You will also gain your MUR accreditation.

To equip you with the skills to develop your career with our business we will also provide an introduction to our management competencies and skills.

Q: What will I get paid and how much holiday will I receive?

Salary for the placement is £18,500 and you will also receive 25days leave for the training year.

Q: What happens if I fail the GPhC assessment?

Our programme will provide you with the support needed to pass you pre-registration exam. We have market leading results year after year.

Q: Will I be offered a role following my pre-registration year?

We hope you find your pre-registration year an enjoyable experience and make the decision to stay with us to further your career once qualified.

Trainees will have the opportunity to attend an assessment for the role of Relief Manager, if successful you will be offered a conditional role subject to current vacancies. All roles are conditional on you passing your pre-registration assessment in June.

Roles are offered against available vacancy locations. Therefore you may need to be flexible on where you are willing to work, it is unlikely you will be offered a role in your pre-registration branch.

If successful in obtaining a role you will initially work as a Relief Manager. This will help you build your confidence and knowledge working as the responsible Pharmacist in branch. You will then have the opportunity to apply for a Branch Manager role as your skills and confidence develops.

All options will be discussed with you during your year to ensure you make the right decision for you and your career in pharmacy.

Q: Further Questions?

If you have any further questions please e-mail graduate recruitment