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This information has been verified and is correct as of August 2013. Please always check your eligibility before applying.
Medical schoolTypical offerA2 ChemistryA2 BiologyOtherNot acceptable?
AberdeenAAAYesOne subject from Biology/Human Biology, Maths and Physics is requiredOne further A-Level, which can be science or non-scienceGeneral Studies, Media Studies.
Barts and The LondonAAAbAS/A2AS/A2Chemistry and Biology at AS level (minimum grade B), at least one at A-level (grade A). Minimum two science subjects to A2General Studies or Critical Thinking. Further Maths is only acceptable to AS if taken with Maths
BirminghamA*AAYesYes (can be Human Bio)AAAA in AS is preferred. If third subject is Physical Education, Theatre Studies, Dance, Art or Music, a fourth academic subject at AS is requiredGeneral Studies and Critical Thinking. Further Maths is not considered separately to Maths
Brighton and SussexAAAbYesYesThird subject not specifiedGeneral Studies and Critical Thinking.
BristolAAAcYesNoOne other laboratory based science subjectGeneral Studies and Critical Thinking. Certain combinations of subjects are not accepted: Bio & PE, Bio & Sport, Maths & Further Maths
Cambridge*A*AAAS/A2NoApplicants must have AS or A Level passes in Chemistry and two of Biology/Human Biology, Physics, Mathematics. At least one pass must be at A Level, although most applicants for Medicine at Cambridge have at least three science/mathematics A Levels and some Colleges require this or ask for particular A Level subject(s). Christ’s, Downing, Fitzwilliam, Girton, Jesus, Magdalene, Newnham, Pembroke, Peterhouse, Queens', Robinson, Selwyn, Sidney-Sussex, St John’s, Trinity, Trinity College and Wolfson prefer applicants to have 3 science/maths subjects to full A Level. Chemistry at A2 is essential for Clare and St Johns. Mathematics at A2 is essential for Magdalene. 98% of all applicants have 3 or more science A levelsGeneral Studied and Critical Thinking
CardiffAAAcAS/A2AS/A2At least two sciences out of Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Statistics (one of which must be Biology or Chemistry) and a minimum of a grade C in a fourth AS Level (Grade A if Biology or Chemistry). We welcome students with a broad range of studies therefore your third A-Level subject does not have to be science related.General Studies is not accepted and Critical Thinking is only accepted at AS Level.
DundeeAAAYesNoChemistry and another Science. The third subject can be your own choice; we have no preference.General Studies.
DurhamAAAAS/A2AS/A2Chemistry and/or Biology at A or AS level. If only one is offered, the other should be offered at GCSE (or Dual Science) grade A.General Studies, Critical Thinking.
East AngliaAAAbNoYesThese A levels must include Biology/Human Biology, one further science (Chemistry or Physics), and a third A level subject of the applicant’s choice. Applicants with A level results pending are expected to have achieved minimum AS level grades of BBBC. Maths and Further Maths are not considered separate subjects.General Studies, Critical Thinking.
EdinburghAAAbYes1 of Bio / Maths / PhysicsBiology must be taken to at least AS. Human Biology may replace Biology.General Studies. Only one of Maths and Further Maths is considered.
ExeterA*AAc-AAAcYesBio/PhysicsIf Bio is not offered to A2, min C at AS is requiredGeneral Studies.
GlasgowAAAYes1 of Bio / Maths / PhysicsIf Biology is not offered at A2 it must be offered at AS or GCSE (minimum grade B). Human Biology is an acceptable alternative to Biology.General Studies. Maths and Further Maths are not considered as separate subjects.
Hull YorkAAAb (will accept applications from those predicted AAB)YesYesAll other subjects considered of equal merit as third A2. Maths and Further Maths can be taken together, but will need Chemistry and Biology at A2 as well.General Studies, Applied Science, Critical Thinking.
ImperialAAAb/AAACAS/A2AS/A2Chemistry and/or Biology at A or AS level (B at AS-level if one is dropped), plus one other science/maths subject.Vocational Subjects, General Studies.
KeeleAAAb/A*ABbChemistry AS (min grade B) if not offered at A2Chemistry or Biology is essential plus one subject from Chem / Bio / Maths / Physics.One further rigorous academic subject. EPQ can be taken instead of 4th AS level.General Studies, Key Skills, Critical Thinking and Applied Subjects (e.g. Applied Business).
King's College LondonAAAb/AAaabAS/A2AS/A2Chemistry or Biology required at A2 - if one is not offered at A2 is must be offered at AS. Applicants who offer non-science subjects (humanities, languages, social sciences) welcomed.General Studies, Critical Thinking. Further Maths at A2.
LancasterAAAbYesYesOne other academic subject at A2. EPQ may be acceptable as 4th ASFurther Maths, General Studies + Critical Thinking (only as 4th AS).
LeedsAAAYesNoThose with 4th A2 at no advantage.General Studies, Critical Thinking.
LeicesterAAAYesASShould have taken 4 AS levels.General Studies, Further Maths.
LiverpoolAAAbYesYesAAAC at A-Level will not meet the requirements of the standard offer, unless the C has previously been certificated at AS Level at grade B or above. EPQ may count as 4th AS.General Studies and Critical Thinking only considered as 4th subject. Only one of Maths or Further Maths will be considered.
ManchesterAAAYes1 of Bio / Maths / PhysicsIncluding unit grade information is encouraged. If Biology or Physics are not offered at AS, must be offered at GCSE.Critical Thinking and General Studies
NewcastleAAAAS/A2AS/A2Chemistry and/or biology at A or AS level. If only one of Chemistry / Biology is offered at AS/A2, the other should be offered at grade A in GCSE (Dual Science is also acceptable)General Studies, Critical Thinking.
NottinghamAAAYesYesThird A level can be any academic subject. Human Biology is accepted instead of Biology.General Studies and Critical Thinking.
OxfordA*AAYes1 of Bio / Maths / PhysicsCritical Thinking, General Studies.
PlymouthA*AAc - AAAcYesYesBiology or Physics at A2.General Studies.
Queen's BelfastAAAaYes1 of Bio / Maths / PhysicsIf not offered at A2, AS Biology must be at least grade B.General Studies. Maximum of one Applied A level will be considered.
SheffieldAAAYesNoTwo sciences must be offered at A2. Third A2 of your choice.General Studies.
SouthamptonAAAaYesYesGrade A in the Extended Project Qualification can be used in place of A at AS.General Studies. Overlapping subjects e.g. Maths and Further Maths, Biology and Sports Studies may not be offered in combination at A2 level.
St AndrewsAAAYes (A grade)1 of Bio / Maths / PhysicsIf Biology and Mathematics are not offered at A2 or AS Level, each must have been passed at least GCSE grade B. Dual award Science is not acceptable in lieu of GCSE Biology.General Studies, Critical Thinking.
St GeorgesAAAbAS/A2At A2 if Chem only at ASIf attending a low performing school (your grades are 60% higher than average) then an offer as low as BBCb may be given.General Studies, Key Skills.
UCLA*AAeYesYesSome preference given to those with a contrasting subject.Maths and Further Maths would only be considered as one A level. It is preferred that applicants take 3 full A levels in one sitting, so applicants who have taken A levels early will still be expected to take 3 full A levels at the end of the second sixth form year. References must include both the A2 and AS level predictions/grades achieved to be considered.
UCLanAABYesPreferredA third "academic subject".N/A

Common questions

Do I need Maths at A level for medicine?

No. No university requires, nor states that they have a preference for, mathematics, at A2 or AS level. This is a very common misconception given the poorly informed (including careers advice staff). The only exception is Magdalene College, Cambridge (the other Cambridge colleges do not require it).

What is a classed as a "science subject"

Typically medical schools are talking about Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths when they talk about "science subjects". These can be further narrowed down to the "laboratory" or "experimental" sciences which are Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Note the different ways in which medical schools treat further maths. It is frequently not considered as separate to maths when offered as the third subject.

What does 'A*AA/AAA' mean?

Where a Grade Range is given by Universities as a typical offer, the lower grade set is usually only for 'contextual offers' (for applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds). Standard offers will therefore by the upper grade set. If in any doubt about the criteria for lower offers, email the University and ask.

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