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Liquid and Envy

Very busy and a great atmosphere every night! Just warning you that on weekends it can get a bit dodgy but as long as you are street smart and not overly-drunk you can enjoy it!

The Astoria (previously Pure and Route 66)

The best place to go to every Friday for the Eskimo project (joint via a shisha garden with Lydberry Bar)! When it was Pure, there were £1 drinks on Tuesdays.

Tiger Tiger

DROP on Mondays is where it's AT! BOOTLEG every Thursday!

Monday is the student only night in Tiger Tiger, be prepared to face old people there (when I say old, I mean.. seriously grey hair and wrinkles) on other days.
Situated in Gunwharf - worth the walk! Best Monday and Thursday nights in Portsmouth in my opinion, and best club overall too!

This is a great club (imo) but it does get busy (queues). To avoid the queues, buy a ticket (OR) use their "VIP" booking service (via text messaging) to place yourself on the list. We did this many times and although on very busy nights, such as when everyone’s come back after Xmas or Easter, it can still take a while to get in.

I'm not sure if the VIP service is open to everyone, but we were lucky enough to get to know a few of the people who managed / bar tended at the club. And well, we were put on the VIP list 1 week (via text) then we used the same text number to text each week we wanted to go! It worked every time. Ask about inside. It's worth it.

Inside Tiger Tiger, there are roughly 6 bars. But only one of these bars (Vodka Island) will sell drinks cheaply as the flyers state. This is the bar up the stairs from the main entrance and to the right. The amount of times I’ve been in the club area or a different bar and ordered drinks then been shocked yet too embarrassed to comment on the total cost is untrue.


With £1.50 drinks all night on a Tuesday, Walkabout has made a fine mess of my carpet quite a few times. They have stunningly fit barmaids and loads of them to boot. Longest time to queue for a pint here is about 10 minutes due to the fact there are more barmaids than pumps and a bar about ten miles long. Huge screen available for the football and cricket but beware of the beer throwers when England score, I got drenched. There are quite a few tables with benches to sit on, leather sofas, and tall tables to stand around. A medium sized dancefloor, a stage where they hold the games on student night, and two weak attempts at podiums which are in fact just two raised parts of the stage. Toilets are downstairs which can get messy during peak times with everyone trying to go up and down a corridor about 3 foot wide. Nice toilets, long urinal so no queueing for a lash. Bog troll didn't seem to give a toss last year so didn't hassle pished punters too much. Food is nice but a little pricey, yet unique (kangaroo burger etc). Loads of TV screens showing extreme channel mostly all night which gets mesmerising after a few stellas. Can't remember entrance prices but no where in Pompey charges more than £5 entrance with NUS as far as I know/remember. Open til 1am during the week and 2am at the weekend. Managed to be sick on the back of a bouncers trousers and not get thrown out!

Changed hands and became Stadium Bar in 2011, closed for good in 2012, today it trades as a Sainsburys' local, but still serves that delicious vodka.


Not a bad place, but mainly inhabited by the older generation locals. Only ever had trouble in their once and that was when I went in accompanied by about 6 femmes. Some old bloke started calling them sluts and told them to go home so me being the Alpha male hid behind a pillar while one of the girls gave as good as she got and could have reduced the guy to tears if it wasn't for the fact he'd drunk so much whiskey he was sedated. Can't remember how much drinks are but roughly similar to Spoons' prices. No dance floor as far as I can remember, just loads of chairs, sofas and tables. I think they have no trainers rule on Fridays and Saturdays. Never eaten in there so can't comment on the food but I assume it's similar to Spoons again. Don't know what time it's open until.


Opened as HKC in the 1990s, then became a cafe bar in the late 90s, then. Vanilla Bar, Roast Bar in 2005, Affectionately nicknamed "the spit roast". And the Eclipse Nightclub in 2012.

Skye bar

Popular venue, it think this place sells Pussy Bombs. When it was V Bar, it was where the night gets really messy. £1 shots all day every day.

The Lyberry Bar

Popular during Eskimo project which happens every Friday, also at Astoria. When it was. The terrace! it was kind of similar! but for the days when it was Bar: Me, it was a popular navy bar.

Brewhouse and Kitchen/The White Swan

This place serves it's own beer, kind of good. When it was wether spoons, it was A more down to earth pub that shows all the sports etc. Avergae priced drinks. Pool tables and seated area.

Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy duck is a place where the drinks are sticky. When it was po naa naa, it was the dodgiest bar on "The Walk". Average priced drinks but small bar. Never been in there when it was busy, even at 11pm on a Friday night. Perhaps that's why it closed down. And fark knows why I'm writing about it anyway.

Club 8

A tiny place when you look at it, but big when you get in. When it was the front room, it was quite expensive bar but a nice place. Have DnB nights on occasions. Fit birds go here.

Wetherspoons/Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Everyone loves this place for some obscure reason. No music, full of old people, closes at 11pm and the drinks aren't even that cheap! Nice food though and with 2 meals for £6.50 it's good for lunch. Steak nights on Tuesdays and curry nights on Thursdays as far as I can remember. A couple of fit bar maids but some absolutely fugly full timers. Toilets are upstairs. Loads of seating with sofas and chairs. No smoking area available. Favourite spots are right at the back behind the no smoking area in the leather highchairs by the fire place.


My favourite bar along Guildhall, cheap beer (before 2030hrs Thursdays - Saturdays), pool tables, juke box, beer garden, big tables for loads of mates, live music on Thursdays, life is good.


This popular Nightclub is housed on the top of The Fleet and plays mostly 90's music. It traded as Babylon during 2007-2013. during its time as flares, this is what it was like. My God, many a night has ended messily in here. This has to be the club that I have been sick in most in Pompey - dancefloor, carpet, toilet, toilet floor, urinal, stage, bar, you name it and I've puked on it. Student night is a Monday and drinks are cheap. £1 reef, £1.50 pint and similar for shots. This is the place to go and drink hard with strawpedoes and shots. Cheesy music, crap DJ, multi coloured light up dance floor, stage, funny games, small seated area, zebra pattern carpet, enthusiastic bog troll with a good sense of humour, funky pants. Rammed during freshers, empty after Christmas when everybody realises what a hole it really is. £1 entry and you have to have student ID to get in on a Monday. Never go here on a night other than a Monday unless you want to Grab a Granny or get aquainted with the RN boxing team, polo shirts and all.

Now for the places near Guildhall Walk, all within 5 minutes walking.


The Trafalgar is a Lloyds No. 1 Bar, a brand owned by JD Wetherspoon, This place is housed in the former Trafalgar Hall and as such you can expect the usual cheap booze with deals on food as well. It's a classy establishment with loads of seating and shed loads of bar space. A good night can be had here, with DJs every Friday and Saturday night, and its proximity to the University and city centre makes it ideal for lunch.

Hampshire Boulevard

This is Portsmouth's only gay club. Good drinks.

The Registry

The Registry is a large pub which opened in 1999. It is still open today. It traded under the name of The Kraken Wakes during 2010-2011.

The Kraken Wakes (during 2010-2011) was a very quirky place and Some people really like it. It was decorated with lots of random posters, CDs and models that people have made in craft sessions they hold there now, or mascots for the pub quizzes on Sunday nights. Yes, they gave you boxes, straws, foil, cellotape and ask you to make your own team mascot! They also provided free sweets and Space Raiders What I've tried of the food is very nice there as well. They run pub quizzes, have acts perform and also have Mario Kart/COD and other game sessions there every week!

The Registry (during the scream bar era) - I fecking love this place. Cheap jukebox, pool tables, unique design, cheap drinks all the time with yellow card, loads of seating and it supports local bands and DJs. Tuesdays is student night with £1 most drinks and £1.50 others. Thursdays is band or DJ night. They also show the football although loads of the fans seem to support Aresenal. Long bar too so not too much queueing for a beverage. Proudest moment being sick not once, not twice but thrice on the floor before being escorted off the premises to the raptuous applause and laughter of my pals. Shagging expensive for a pint of Snakey in here, £2.40 odd.


Martha's is now closed and boarded. This former gay clubs future is unknown.

The Union

CO2 and Lux (Portmouth Unis two nightclubs) have been closed down (before 2014). This means that the Waterhole bar is the only University ran establishment.


A cellar bar situated next to the union (just south), Scandals is a good laugh. Not suitable for people over 5 foot tall due to the low ceiling which I came into contact with a couple of times last night. There is a dance floor. Prices are fairly average although it was £4 entrance. However it can get very hot inside (similar to a lot of clubs in Bath).

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