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Dental SchoolPlaces AvailableTypical OfferA Level Subjects RequiredGCSE RequirementsGraduate Applicant RequirementsAdmission test?Allow resits?
Barts and the London A200 55 UK/EU and 5 Overseas AAAb Chem + bio at AS and one of these at A2. At least 2 sciences at A level. General studies and critical thinking not accepted. If A-level Maths and Further Maths are offered in the same sitting, Further Maths is acceptable at AS only Grades AAABBB to include Biology (or Human Biology), Chemistry, English Language and Mathematics (or additional Mathematics or Statistics). The Science double award may substitute all sciences at GCSE. 2:1 in any subject (only FIRST degree considered). Must have BB in AS/A-level chem and bio or be completing these UKCAT No
Birmingham A200 75 AAA + a/b AS Chem and bio both at grade A. General studies not accepted but may be considered if offer not met Chem (A*), bio (A*), (double science A*A* accepted), maths and english lang/lit at grade A. Must have achieved (or be predicted to achieve) a First Class honours degree in medical science or related degree with A levels of B. None No
Bristol A206 79 AAA A grades in both chemistry and one other lab-based science. Grade A biology at AS if not taken to A-level. 5 GCSEs at grade A/A* to include English lang, Maths + 2 science subjects BBB at A level + 2:1 in a science subject None
Cardiff A200 76 UK/EU and 4 Overseas AAA Bio, Chem, and one other excluding General Studies and Critical Thinking B in sciences, maths and B in English language (reasonable spread of GCSE grades required) 2:1 - science based + minimum of B grades at A level UKCAT No
Dundee A200 66 AAB Biology and another science C in English Lang and B in the 3rd science not offered at A-level First class degree, preferably in Life Science subject UKCAT No
Glasgow A200 85 UK/EU & 5 International AAA Biology and Chemistry (both at Grade A), General Studies is not acceptable as a third subject at A-level. Strong preference given to applicants with AS English Preference will be given to applicants gaining English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology (or Science Double Award AA) at GCSE Grade A 2:1 honours degree UKCAT
Kings College London A205128 AAAa - BBBb (Please contact the Health Schools Admissions Office for further information) Chemistry and Biology, at least one at A-level, the other must be at AS level. If A-level Maths is offered, Further Maths is acceptable at AS-level only. General Studies and Critical Thinking are not accepted as one of your A or AS levels At least grade B at English Language and Maths, if not offered at A/AS-level 2:1 honours degree - science based or 2.2 + Masters (Merit) UKCAT
Leeds A200 81 AAA Chemistry, Biology. Third subject may be anything other than General Studies or Critical Thinking. Minimum of 6 GCSE’s or equivalent, including English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology (or Dual Science). At least grade ‘C’ in Maths and English. Upper second class (2:i) degree pass or higher in a science or healthcare related subject or 2.2 + Masters (Merit) None
Liverpool A20064 AAA Chemistry, Biology. Third subject may be anything other than General Studies or Critical Thinking. At least 7 academic GCSEs at grade A, Maths and English Language are required at grade A or above. 2.1 in Biomedical discipline None
Manchester A206 75 AAAb Chemistry, Biology and one other plus one further AS level at grade B or above. General Studies is excluded. Six GCSEs at a minimum of Grade A (including either Integrated Double Award Science or Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Grade B or above in GCSE English Language and Mathematics 2:1 UKCAT Yes (must have obtained a minimum of Grade C in each subject at the first sitting, expected to achieve A*AA in resit year)
Newcastle A206 75 AAA Chemistry, Biology and one other. Critical Thinking and a foreign language which is the applicant's first language are not accepted. AAAAA at GCSE including Biology and Chemistry or AA in Dual Award Science. 2(i) or first class honours degree with an appropriate scientific background UKCAT Yes (only consider applicants who in the previous admissions round held conditional offers which had been accepted as first choice, and then had failed to meet the terms of the offer)
Plymouth A206 64 AAA + c at AS Must include Chemistry and Biology. General Studies not included in offer 7 GCSE's at A-C including English Language, Mathematics and either Single and Additional Science, Extended Science or Biology Discuss with Admission Team UKCAT
Queen's University Belfast A20045 AAAa Chemistry + one from Biology/Human Biology, Mathematics or Physics. If not offered at A-level then Biology/Human Biology to at least AS-level grade B Mathematics and either Physics or Double Award Science if not offered to A-level or AS-level 2.1 + BBB or 1st + BBC (degree can be from a wide range of subjects) UKCAT Yes (only missed grades required by one grade)
Sheffield A200 75 AAA Chemistry, Biology and one other. 6As at GCSE or equivalent, including English, Maths and Science. 2.1 in an appropriate scientific subject + good performance at GCSE i.e. A grades UKCAT

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