Natalie Bennett speakingTSR met with the leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett, to ask her your questions.

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First up, one of the most popular questions submitted was around tuition fees and how the Green Party planned to fund completely scrapping them.

See what Natalie had to say on this subject:

Another hot topic among the community is the renewal of Trident. A lot of our TSR members wanted to know if Natalie Bennett believed that removing our nuclear defences in a time of political unrest was right.

With the upcoming general election on May 7th every political party is battling for votes, watch our video to hear why Natalie Bennett thinks you should vote Green.

You can find the rest of the interview in the Natalie Bennett Q&A forum here or take a look at individual questions using the links below:

Natalie Bennett full interview

Q1. How would fund scrapping tuition fees?

Q2. How do you plan on improving mental health support?

Q3. What are the benefits of reduced class sizes and how would you implement this?

Q4. What are your thoughts around schools being exam factories?

Q5. How would you increase the minimum wage to £10 by 2020?

Q6. Do you think it is the right time to be removing Trident?

Q7. Why are the Green Party opposed to nuclear power?

Q8. How are you planning to replace the national grid with renewable energy?

Q9. How do you plan on funding your policies?

Q10. What are the issues around GM foods?

Q11. Do you work with third parties on your policies?

Q12. Why should our community vote Green?