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Coming out about your sexuality can be pretty daunting, but the TSR community is full of people who have already done it that may be able to help.
Following on from Radio 1's show The Surgery on 'Coming Out', here's a few people that share their personal accounts on what worked well for them when them came out.
<h2>When do I come out?</h2>
'Don't feel 'pressured' to come out. Come out when you're ready. I'm 19 and haven't come out yet. I know my mum knows as she always says 'when you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend', 'when you have a partner...' but up until now I haven't felt ready to come out.'
'Coming out was quite a gradual process - I told my friends at camp first, then my friends at school, and finally my mum - but everyone I spoke to just accepted it and moved on. It was quite a relief to be honest because I was worried about how people would react.'
<h2>Who do I tell?</h2>
'At college I told my circle of friends and a teacher, nothing really happened apart from a brief period of scrutiny.
'I told my best friends one day. I was quite excited to be honest, I’d finally found something that "fit" to me- anyone know this feeling? My best friend took it really well, she didn’t care at all to be honest, then I dropped it into conversations with my other friends and none of them cared either.'
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<h2>Dealing with the negatives</h2>
'I told my family and they denied it at first. I said it again later with conviction and they have accepted it. People don't really care about it now. I don't have to wear it on my sleeve any more.'
'I came out to my mum at some point last year when it was just the two of us in the flat. She wasn't thrilled about my sexuality but she did say to me that if it ever comes to a point where I have to tell my dad, he would get over it. It made me SO happy to hear her say that because I would never have imagined her accepting me marrying a woman.'
<h2>What do I do now?</h2>
'I came out as gay during my first year of university with the support of my new friends. I’ve steadily grown to love myself more and to not care about other people's opinions.'
'A true friend will always support/accept you. People should respect other people’s privacy and secrets. If someone is not ready to come out yet you cannot force them to. It is their right to wait until they are ready.'
'Just remember that there is nothing wrong with who you are - be it and proud of it.'
If you want to ask a question, or seek more advice then head to the relationship forum or the BBC Advice pages. In The Student Room relationship forum, you can post anonymously.
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