Words: Pete Humphreys

Moving away from home can be a big and expensive life change. But don't fear! TSR has compiled 11 money-saving tips for freshers. Share your own hints in the comments.

1. Make a budget

Use a tool like Student Calculator to get an idea of how much is going to be flying in and out of your bank account. Forewarned is forearmed.
Dog: We can't afford the cat

2. Stick to your budget

Don’t buy that coffee from Costa every day just because it’s convenient. Stay strong.
Spongebob: I need it!!!

3. ALWAYS ask for a discount

If you buy an NUS Extra card you’ll be eligible for loads of pre-arranged student discounts. But a lot of places will offer a student discount with your regular student ID. Sometimes it’s not clear that shops offer a student discount so always ask. It can’t hurt. If you’re shopping online use myunidays.com to receive student discounts.
Buzz Lightyear: Discounts, discounts everywhere

4. Don’t buy a TV licence

You can watch on-demand TV platforms like BBC iPlayer without having to pay for a TV licence. Remember that TV licences are 'per household' so if you're in a shared house and one person is watching live TV then you will need a license for the house.
Fry: Can't tell if serious acting or iPlayer buffering...

5. Buy used books

Before you buy any books try to assess how often you're going to need them. If you only need one chapter in week 12 then there’s no point buying the whole book; just borrow it from the library. If you absolutely have to buy a book then get a used copy online. It will save you hundreds of pounds over the duration of your course.
Lisa Simpson carrying books

6. Sell your old books

Once you’re done reading, free up some cash by sending your books back from whence they came by selling them online. It’s the circle of life.
Man lying on pile of cash

7. Buy a printer

Despite the initial outlay, buying your own printer can save you lots of money. If you’re printing more than 1,000 pages a year then a laser printer will probably be more economical than an inkjet. You can pick up a cheap laser printer for about £40. CAUTION: Most universities will give you free print credit at the beginning of the year. Make the most of your tuition fees and use it!
My printer is named Bob Marley because its always jammin...

8. Never pay for condoms

You can pick them up for free from NHS sexual health clinics and some students’ unions. Find your nearest sexual health clinic here.
Oprah: you get a condom, you get a condom, everybody gets condoms

9. Don’t waste food

Know the difference between use by, sell by and best before. Plan your meals to make the most of your supplies.
Instagram is down: just describe your food to me

10. Download free software

If you’ve got a new laptop for uni it’s tempting to buy a lot of apps. However, this can end up costing hundreds of pounds. Check out our guide to the essential free software for students.
Yes little paperclip, I do want your help writing a letter

11. Shop off-brand

The amount of money you can save by shopping at a discount supermarket like Aldi or Lidl is mind boggling. If your halls are near one of the pricier supermarkets then keep an eye out for their 'value' or 'basics' range.
Elvis: a Lidl less conversation a Lidl more action please

Are you a master of money-saving? Share your tips in the comments and help out some other TSR users.

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