Harvard University is one of the best in the USA, ranked as 8th in the country in the Forbes Top 100 and 3rd in the world by the QS World Rankings. Established in 1636, it now has over 2,100 faculty members and around 21, 000 students.

Harvard's students come from all 50 states and over 80 countries, from all different areas, of all different religions and from all economic backgrounds. Each student's application is considered regardless of their background, including international students.

Contact Details

Website: http://www.harvard.edu/

Harvard College,
86 Brattle Street,

Contact: http://www.admissions.college.harvar...rnational.html

Phone: 617-495-1000


The admissions committee at Harvard consider both academic achievements and other personal qualities as important when selecting students.

Predicted results, such as for A Levels and IB results, are helpful in giving the admissions committee an idea of the students academic strengths and interests, however, they are also interested in the results of the SAT tests applicants must take. To apply for Harvard you need to have sat the SAT or ACT and two SAT Subject Tests; a score of between 650 - 800 is expected in each section.

Other factors are also considered as equal to academic abilities by Harvard. The admissions committee will also ask for letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors and headmasters to gain an idea of what your personality is like and judge whether you will fit in at Harvard.

They're also looking for skills and strengths in areas such as community involvement, leadership and extracurricular activities.

What courses are available?

Harvard University offers nearly 3,500 different modules its students can take, with the only compulsory one being Expository Writing, which all first years must take. Other than this, students are free to enroll in any course they are interested in and prepared for.

At the beginning of each semester students are given a 'shopping period' during which they can visit classes and compare choices; this gives students the best chance to find modules they think they'll enjoy and be good at before they actually register.

Tuition Fees and Living Costs

Tuition fees at Harvard University are currently $38,891 (£24,260) per year.

Other costs include:
  • Accommodation and food: $14,115 (£8,800)
  • Student services fee: $2,443 (£1,524)
  • Health services fee: $958 (£600)
  • Personal expenses: $3,543 (£2,210)

Accommodation and life at Harvard

Harvard guarantee on-campus accommodation for all first years. This is in the form of one of 17 dormitories .

In the final three years, students usually live in one of 12 residential houses on campus, each which has around 350-500 students in each. Each house includes a dining hall, library, advising staff and other useful resources.

Students are Harvard come from all different backgrounds and so get a chance to socialise with loads of different kinds of people which gives students a great chance to learn from each other.

Harvard university also has over 400 student-run organisations where students can get involved with publications, music, community service, arts, political and social events and sports. So there's plenty of opportunities to get involved, meet new people and learn some new skills!