Words by: Mason King
By now you must have experienced forgetting to copy a file onto your USB stick when you need it most.

With cloud storage apps, this problem becomes a thing of the past, as well as additionally giving you access to files over many devices, so you can create notes on your phone and then continue on your laptop with no hassle!

There are a variety of options available to satisfy your storage needs, offering a range of storage sizes and feature, but only a few are truly essential.

Google Drive

Google Drive Screenshot

The first one up is Google Drive, an app that is automatically installed on most android devices. Drive gives you 15GB to store your documents, photos and other files to their cloud server, and it can all be accessed from any device you download Drive or supported Google apps onto. The apps are even integrated with Google's document-editing suite, which means if you're the type to lose hours of work because you forgot to save, you can work safe in the knowledge that everything is constantly being saved automatically.

If you're using a PC, you can also create a Google Drive folder in the same section as your usual computer folders, meaning you won't have any hassle getting your important files onto Drive when using a PC. There's also now a Google-made plug-in for Office on Windows too so that you can save and open within the Office programs to Google Drive.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive on Amazon Fire Tab and Phone

If you don't want to get involved with Google, another alternative is Microsoft's OneDrive. It operates similarly to Google Drive, but has the benefit of deep integration within Microsoft Office on both Windows, Mac and smart devices, as well as it being available on more devices. What's more, if you sign up to Office 365 you can get up to 1TB in storage space for free, which you're almost guaranteed to never fully use.

Another useful tool of OneDrive is its back-up history feature. Available online, you can go through older versions of any document uploaded to OneDrive, which is perfect for when you realise you've lost and are in need of older drafts of your essays that are long-gone.
Download OneDrive: iTunes / Google Play / Windows Store


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There are even more cloud options available than these offerings, so you could delve into any of the following to see which ones you warm to the most, and if you're smart, you'll use them all to get the most storage space for free:

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