Sponsored feature, words by Fay Millar

There are so many myths surrounding Clearing at times that it’s often difficult to separate fact from fiction. It can be particularly pressurised if you find yourself entering Clearing without first knowing what it is all about. But Clearing needn’t be a disaster and could lead to some amazing opportunities. Tthe best way to find out what it is really like is to ask those who have been through it and successfully come out the other side.

The Student Room spoke to three students from Nottingham Trent University who have survived Clearing and tived.

Make the most of the Clearing hotlines – the staff are there to help you and they really do!

Adam, a physics and forensic applications student, had to enter clearing when he missed his grades. He found it tough in the beginning but was quickly reassured by the Clearing staff that everything would be okay in the end.

He says: “When I picked up my A-Level results I completely missed my grades and got this most awful sinking feeling.

"Clearing was incredibly scary. I didn't know what to do and my stress levels were at a maximum! However, NTU's Clearing hotline was a great relief to all that stress. They had a concerned tone to their voice and you felt welcome immediately.

“You think, “Oh this person is here to help me,” because when you go into Clearing you don’t know what is going on at all. They were very calm and knew exactly what the students in Clearing needed to know. All the pressure was relieved.

“I'm extremely glad I ended up at NTU, I never knew I would love it here so much! Everyone here is so friendly, helpful and understanding, especially in the first term when everyone is new to university life.
“Sometimes the best things in life are the unexpected ones I guess."

Don’t panic: You’ve got time to apply later and still get the place you want

Joseph Larner

Joseph Larner was originally undecided about going to university but after the death of his father earlier in the year he decided he did want to go. As his application came later in the year he had to apply through Clearing but found a course he loved and has never looked back.

Joseph, an international relations student, says: “I’d visited Nottingham Trent University before to see friends and I loved the city and knew it was a respectable university to attend.

“I made a call to the Clearing hotline, informed them of my grades and then they offered me a place. It was very stress-free and easy.

“My advice to other people in my situation this year would be – do it, it’s a leap of faith but come three or four weeks of attending university, you’ll love it. Don’t let the apprehension of the unknown keep you from coming, the people are lovely and anyone can fit right in.”

Use Clearing to get on the course you really want

It’s not always easy choosing what course you want to study at university. In fact, it’s a huge decision and sometimes the choices you make at the start of you’re A-Levels don’t always turn out to be the right one for you. There is nothing wrong with admitting you made a mistake and you can use Clearing to search for something that will ultimately suit you better.

Bryony, a wildlife conservation student, realised the course she’d chosen wasn’t for her but thanks to Clearing, found something she is much happier with.

She says: "I went through Clearing to change the course I'd applied for and it was very quick and easy process. The people I spoke to on the hotline were very helpful and understanding as they knew I was making a decision that would impact my future greatly."

To make the most of your results, call Nottingham Trent University’s Clearing hotline on +44 (0)115 848 6000.