Sponsored feature, words by Duncan Jefferies
Ah, Halloween. That special time of year when dressing children up as ghouls and ghosts, then sending them out onto the street to beg for food, is seen as a bit of fun rather than a matter for social services.

For those of us too old to go trick or treating, it’s a great excuse to watch some scary movies with our friends. We’ve teamed up with Netflix to choose eight of the most terrifying ones around – all of which are available to watch on a wide variety of devices with a Netflix subscription, including Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and Apple TV.

The Possession

Sam Raimi’s name is a seal of quality when it comes to horror movies, guaranteeing you at least a few good scares. The Possession, produced by Raimi, features plenty of moments that will send your popcorn skyward. There’s a haunted box, a girl with a hand crawling up the inside her throat and some demon possession antics worthy of The Exorcist (think people being thrown across the room as if they’ve just been hit by an invisible 10 ton truck).

The Possession gets a fear factor rating of five out of five
You’ll be possessed by an urge to dive behind the sofa once the exorcism starts


Ethan Hawke, on sabbatical from arthouse fare like Before Midnight, lends his acting chops to this entertaining scare-fest. He plays a true-crime writer who gets more than he bargained for when he moves his family into the former home of a murdered family, hoping to use their deaths as the basis of a new book. His discovery of a box of grisly Super 8 films in the attic kicks the plot into gear. Soon, an ancient demon called ‘Mr Boogie’ is terrorising the whole family.

Sinister gets a fear factor rating of four out of five
Bad hairstyles aren’t the only horrifying things on display in Sinister’s home movies

Sinister - a movie that shows just why moving into a murdered family's home is a really bad idea

Texas Chainsaw

It’s impossible to recreate the impact the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, given how well versed we all are in the tropes of the horror genre. Nevertheless, this latest outing for Leatherface is one of the better entries in the series. An inheritance from a long-lost grandmother is the bait that lures the unwitting Heather and her friends into Leatherface’s clutches. Before you know it, they’re being bumped off in a variety of gruesome ways.

Texas Chainsaw gets a fear factor rating of three out of five
Vrmm! Vrmm! The sound of revving chainsaws will haunt your dreams…

Silent Hill: Revelation

Listen up, Game of Thrones fans: this film features Ned Stark (Sean Bean) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington), as well as Michelle Williams look-a-like Adelaide Clemens. It’s the first sequel to the original Silent Hill film, and again features the terrifying Pyramid Head. As you’d expect the town of Silent Hill – more hellish than a wet weekend in Bognor Regis – is the other big star of the film. Sure, the plot is utter nonsense, but gamers will certainly enjoy playing ‘spot the monster’.

Silent Hill: Revelation gets a fear factor rating of three out of five
If you’re looking for gory action and disturbing monsters, head for Silent Hill

Silent Hill Revelation - look out for Pyramid Head!

The Cabin in the Woods

If you like your horror with a slice of humour on the side, then The Cabin in the Woods is the Halloween movie for you. Written and produced by Joss Whedon, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Avengers fame, the meta-infused narrative is as playful and scary as a demonic kitten. After what appears to be a fairly standard first act, Whedon starts subverting horror clichés. Things get weirder and wackier as the film continues, culminating in a truly epic monster mash-up.

The Cabin in the Woods gets a fear factor rating of four out of five
If you go down to the woods today…you might encounter a horrifying bunch of monsters

Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 2 was a bit of a letdown after the supernatural thrills of the original film, but the third in the series is a heart-pumping return to form. A prequel to Paranormal Activity, it focuses on the childhood of Katie and Kristi, which turns out to be the stuff of therapists’ nightmares. As before, the scares come mainly from watching static scenes while you wait for something to go bump in the night (or drag a screaming child from their bed.) It’s a trick the film milks for all its worth, but it’s an effective one nonetheless.

Paranormal Activity 3 gets a fear factor rating of four out of five
You’ll be afraid to go to bed after witnessing PA3’s demonic disturbances

Paranormal Activity 3 could scare your socks clean off

House at the End of the Street

The main draw of this nerve-shredder is the performance of a pre-Hunger Games, pre-Oscar stardom Jennifer Lawrence. She brings a welcome degree of depth and believability to her ‘new girl in town’ role, while Max Thieriot manages to flit between creepy and misunderstood as the love interest and sole survivor of a family massacre. Steel yourself for a shocking twist in the third act.

House at the End of the Street gets a fear factor rating of three out of five
Try not to scream the house down when this film reaches its nail-biting conclusion

The Woman in Black

Also known as ‘Harry Potter: Ghosthunter’, The Woman in Black stars Daniel Radcliffe as widowed lawyer Arthur Kipps. Sent to investigate the papers of the dead owner of a haunted house ‘up tut north’, he encounters cagey locals, mysterious deaths and a rather grumpy ghost. A classic example of the haunted house genre, the film offers plenty of shocks and scares, from things that go bump in the night to full-on spectral manifestations.

The Woman in Black gets a fear factor rating of three out of five
Switch the lights off, crank up the sound, and let the Woman in Black turn your hair white

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