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Studying in Norway gives you an international education in a stunning environmentIf you're planning on going to business school and considering overseas options, you don't need to be pining for the fjords to realise that Norway is a great choice.

There are some world-class institutions to choose from and, on top of that, one of the most beautiful, intriguing countries on the planet to explore.

Land of the midnight sun

Norway's unique geography encompasses dramatic forests, fjords and wide open spaces. You get lots of summer daylight to enjoy it in too – at some points it simply doesn't get dark, hence the country's nickname: 'land of the midnight sun'. In the winter it's a different story: lots of snow, skiing and excuses to share the national love for a real fire and a warming drink.

That's another bonus to Norway: while it's one of the least densely populated countries in Europe, the famously friendly people will ensure you won't be lonely. Cities like the capital, Oslo, are lively and dynamic places. Employment is high, crime low and English is widely spoken, so you shouldn't have any problem fitting in.

“Norway is a breath of fresh air, quite literally!” says BI Norwegian Business School graduate Mark Hartland. “Living and studying in Oslo not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature and ski, but there are plenty of fun places to go out at night.”

Hitting the books

Mark had several reasons for studying in Norway. “I realised that there were more opportunities there than I had at the time in the UK,” he says. “Plus, the thought of learning a new language, which I'm now fluent in, was an exciting challenge.”

He chose BI Norwegian Business School as his study base. It's Norway's second largest educational institution and has been ranked among the Financial Times' top 65 schools worldwide for the past two years. With a huge range of courses and a beautiful campus in Oslo boasting innovative Scandinavian architecture, it's small surprise that around 1,200 international students from 93 countries come to BI every year.

Getting down to business

Students at BI Norwegian Business School benefit from the school's international approach. They'll learn about other cultures from their fellow students, as well as having study opportunities with other institutions worldwide – BI has exchange agreements with 170 schools in 43 countries, meaning there's a chance to broaden your horizons even further.

BI Norwegian Business School is Norway's second largest educational institution and has been ranked among the Financial Times' top 65 schools worldwide for the past two years.
The Norwegian approach to learning focuses on getting a solid grasp of all aspects of business, rather than specialising too soon. “This really appealed to me as it gave me the opportunity to determine what courses I performed best in and enjoyed the most,” says Mark. “It also strengthened those areas that I wasn't too keen on, such as accounting.”

Money matters

Of course, cost is always an important consideration when you're thinking about studying overseas and Norway is no exception. The good news for international students is that schools often offer scholarships to help. For example, BI awarded 50 scholarships in 2012 at a value of over €750,000 to help students fund their studies.

There are other merit-based options to investigate too. BI Presidential Scholarships are awarded to high-achieving applicants, and cover tuition and living expenses for two years. The school offers other scholarships too: you can find out more on its website

Moving on

Once your studies are complete, you won't be turned loose into the Norwegian wilds with no guidance. Schools such as BI Norwegian Business School help you prepare for work right from the word go with tips on CVs, job applications, interviews and more.

They can help secure summer work, internships or trainee positions and put you in touch with businesses throughout your studies. “There are many opportunities made known through BI,” Mark says. “I and a few others in my class were already working in a professional field in our final year.”

Your studies will open up new horizons in many ways, says Mark. He met many students from Scandinavia but also from Brazil, China, the US and beyond. “Your cultural perception broadens as you make friends from other countries,” he says. “You come away with a ready-made international network.”

So if you'd like to spend your time as a business student taking in stunning views, getting fresh air, learning to ski and gaining a top-flight education at the same time, the magic ingredient might just be a little Norwegian midnight sun...

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