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It’ll soon be time to hit the text books again and we’re offering five lucky people the chance to win a prize bundle with a year’s supply of BIC study essentials worth over £40.

One of the UK & Ireland’s leading stationery manufacturer has everything you need to successfully complete the academic year, from the reliable ballpoint pens to brightly coloured highlighters.

The prize bundle up for grabs is jam-packed full of products perfect for the classroom and home studying including:
  • The BIC® Cristal Original®; a classic high-quality ballpoint pen that is perfect for everyday writing.

  • The BIC® Cristal® Fun ballpoint pen, which allows you to add your own colourful creativity to your work.

  • The BIC® Cristal® Stylus. Perfect for keeping your studying hi-tech, on one end is a medium ballpoint pen and on the other is a stylus designed specifically for precise use on your smartphones and tablets. Forget grease stained screens during lectures, this stylus will keep your touch screens streak free!

  • The BIC® 4 Colours™ Original; a medium retractable ballpoint pen with a twist, this pen provides all the benefits of having four different coloured pens without the hassle of keeping them all together.

And much more! Check the spoiler box below for the full list:
Bundle Information:

BIC® Cristal® Original ten pack: Ball Pens

The BIC® Cristal® Original is the classic, affordable, high-quality ballpoint pen. This ten pack (RRP £3.49) is perfect for everyday writing necessities. The simple design and shape of the pen means it is extremely versatile and each pack comes with four colours with each pen able to write up to twice as long as usual ballpoint pens.

BIC® Cristal® Fun ten pack: Ball Pens

A large point, reliable ballpoint pen with more colours! In the BIC® Cristal® Fun ten pack (RRP £3.99) there are an additional four even brighter, fashionable shades available in pink, turquoise, lime green and purple. With caps and end plugs that match the ink itself pens are quick and easy to find and are bound to add some creativity to your studies.

BIC® Cristal® Stylus

On one end of the BIC® Cristal® Stylus (RRP £1.99) is a medium ballpoint pen available in black ink and, on the other, is a stylus designed specifically for precision use on your smartphones and tablets. Forget grease stained screens as this stylus will keep your smartphones and tablets streak free and much more hygienic.

BIC® 4 Colours™ Original and Fun Grip Fun: Ball Pens

The BIC® 4 Colours™ Original (RRP £2.29) is a medium retractable ballpoint pen with a twist, providing all of the benefits of having four different coloured pens without the hassle of keeping them all together. The 1.00mm point writes with an elegant 0.4mm line width and has been designed with a wide barrel.

The BIC® 4 Colours Grip Fun (RRP £2.99) has a round purple barrel cushioned for comfort. It holds four different ink cartridges allowing you to switch easily between pink, purple, turquoise and lime-green as you write.

BIC® Atlantis® Exact and Exact Fun: Ball Pens

The BIC® Atlantis® Exact ballpoint pen, available in a pack of three colours blue, black and red (RRP £2.49) is the ideal writing instrument for precise application thanks to its needle-point nib.

The BIC® Atlantis® Exact Fun ballpoint pens (RRP £2.49) are brand new for 2015 and come in a range of fun and fashionable ink and barrel colours to choose from. A completely rubberised body and metal nose cone ensures you a comfortable, as well as precise writing experience.

BIC® Soft Feel® Clic Grip: Ball Pens

The BIC® Soft Feel® Clic Grip pack of three (RRP £ 1.99) is a medium point retractable ball pen available in blue, black and red ink. The easy use retractable clic system and comfortable ruberised grip makes writing almost effortless.

BIC® Matic® Original: Mechanical Pencils

The BIC® Matic® Original mechanical pencil five pack (RRP £2.39) is ideal for convenient writing at school as it doesn’t need sharpening and will not go blunt in your pencil case. Using 0.7mm HB lead, the BIC® mechanical pencil lead lasts two times longer than a normal graphite pencil, comes with three leads of 90mm and is easy to use and erase.

BIC® Highlighter®

It’s always easier to remember things or come back to important information when it’s highlighted. With BIC®’s five pack of highlighters (RRP£3.29) you can use a combination of bright colours to help remember your studies.

Tipp-Ex® Pocket Mouse®: Correction Tape

So you made a mistake. A big one. And in pen. Fret not, Tipp-Ex®’s Pocket Mouse (RRP £2.99) correction tape allows you to cover it up with one easy stroke and can keep on covering up to 10 metres of mistakes . This compact design can be used accurately for both left and right-handers and dries instantly to allow immediate corrections.

Tipp-Ex® Shake’n Squeeze: Correction Pen

Do you like everything to be perfect and precise? Then the Tipp-Ex® Shake’n Squeeze (RRP £2.29) is the correction tool for you. This pen features a fine point with 8 ml of correction liquid to fix mistakes as you go.

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You can also visit for a chance to win £10/€10 every ten minutes, just buy a limited edition of the BIC® Cristal pen and then text the unique code listed on the pack to see if you’re a lucky winner!