Sponsored feature, words by Duncan Jefferies
Apart from a bit of present giving and cracker pulling in December, winter can be a serious downer. An average day seems to contain roughly thirty minutes of daylight, its permanently cold, and your nose turns into a leaky snot pipe every time someone sneezes within a ten mile radius of you. The best remedy for the winter blues is a good laugh, of course, so we’ve teamed up with Netflix to recommend eight comedy titles that will perk you up in no time. They’re all available now with a Netflix account, and can be watched on a wide range of devices, including Xbox 360, PS3 and iPad.

Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive

If you’ve seen Parks and Recreation, you’ll be familiar with Aziz Ansari’s comedic credentials. This rising star of the US comedy scene has superb timing and an infectious on-stage energy. His latest comedy special, Buried Alive, is exclusive to Netflix and sees him grapple with turning thirty. If you love Buried Alive, it's also worth catching two of his previous performances, Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening, and Dangerously Delicious. So why not ‘park’ your behind on the sofa and enjoy some comedy ‘recreation’ time…we’ll get our coat.


Aziz’s hilarious interactions with the audience are Buried Alive’s standout moments

Louis C.K. – Live At The Beacon Theater

Live at the Beacon Theatre is Louis C.K.’s fourth full-length comedy special, and it includes some excruciatingly funny material from the man who targets human beings selfish, absurd natures – particularly his own – with laser like precision. The brutal but honest nature of his comedy has helped make him one of the top comedians in the world today, though he’s not afraid to throw in some surreal moments when it suits – such as the very funny section about Clifford the Big Red Dog in this particular performance.

His impression of God’s anger after returning to earth and finding it a mess is pure genius

Russell Peters: Notorious, and Russell Peters vs. the World

Russell Peters’ most recent comedy special is another Netflix exclusive. What’s more, you can also enjoy the brilliant four-part docu-series Russell Peters vs. the World, which follows the comedian as he jets across the world on his most recent tour. Cultural quirks are the mainstay of his act, along with hilarious stories about his Anglo-Indian family. But Notorious also takes in his recent divorce and fatherhood, both of which seem to have provided him with plenty of new material.


Who knew buying yellow paint from a home depot store could be so amusing?

The Office

David Brent may have been focusing on his music recently, but he’ll never be funnier than he was in the sitcom that spawned him. Ricky Gervais’ finest hour has more cringe inducing moments than we have room to mention here. Needless to say, Brent constantly manages to say the wrong thing while trying desperately to appear ‘down with the staff’. But it’s the supporting cast of oddballs like Gareth and the despondent Tim that elevate this sitcom to classic status.

Brent’s inappropriate remarks during a staff training day are one of the show’s many highlights

The IT Crowd

It may have just finished with a triumphant one-off special, but thanks to the magic of Netflix you can still watch episodes of the IT crowd all through the winter months. Stars Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade may be the toast of Hollywood now, but to many of us they’ll always be Roy and Moss, two geeks working down in the basement with the head of the IT department, computer illiterate Jen. Roy’s solution to most IT problems is catch phrase gold: “have you tried turning it on and off again?”

Roy’s awkward pretense that he’s a wheelchair user after being caught using a disabled toilet

The Inbetweeners

Yes, we’re sure you’ve seen many if not all of the episodes before, but there’s nothing like a bit of comfort laughter on a cold winter’s night. From Jay’s constant lying and Simon’s unrequited love for Carly, to Neil’s general idiocy and Will’s one-liners, the Inbetweeners are easily the funniest teenagers to grace TV screens. So next time you’re with your fwiends, why not stick a few episodes on and relive ‘the frisbee incident’ or the lads ill-fated caravan holiday. Go on, don’t be a bus stop wan–

Little can top the moment when Neil accidentally catches a fish…then punches it to death

South Park

Over the years South Park has poked fun at celebrities, religion, video games and everything else in between. There’s always been a strong strand of scatological humour in the series – it wouldn’t be South Park otherwise – but these days it’s usually wrapped up in some biting satire. Everyone will have their own favourite episodes, from the Scientology-baiting ‘Trapped in the Closet’ to ‘Make Love Not Warcraft’. But whichever one you watch you’re bound to laugh.

Cartman’s delighted “Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness!” after exacting his revenge on Scott Tennorman

I'm Alan Partridge

Alan made his big screen debut earlier this year, defusing a Norfolk hostage crisis in his own unique style. But in our opinion I’m Alan Partridge remains his funniest hour. The first series finds Alpha Papa down on his luck, living in a Travel Tavern after the cancellation of his chat show. Attended to by his downtrodden assistant Lynn, and supported by Geordie Travel Tavern handyman Michael, Alan attempts to rebuild his career and get his life back on track – with predictably disastrous results.


It doesn’t get much funnier than Alan’s attempt to pitch a new TV show…anyone for monkey tennis?

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