Your Application

We want to know what drives you and makes you unique, so please make sure you complete our online application form fully and thoroughly. You can attach only one file, which cannot exceed 2.8 MB, so please be certain this is both succinct and persuasive. What you include is up to you, but you might wish to send us a covering letter, resume (CV), details of placements, work references, school records and scans of diplomas. Please think carefully, as no further documents can be submitted once we have received your application – so if we don’t have a detailed resume, the process could be significantly slowed.

Your Assessment

The interview process for our Graduate Programmes is designed to stretch your mind and help us get to know you in depth. Typically you can expect to attend two interviews, focusing on the core competencies we need and involving discussion about your degree and extracurricular life. In addition, there may be some online assessment tests, which you will find both stimulating and challenging. Of course, we’ll let you know exactly what’s going to happen before the process begins.

At the end of your interview, you should ask what the next step will be and when you can expect a response. It’s a good idea to take contact details and ask whether you can call or email if you haven’t received a decision within the agreed timeframe.

Academic background

We recruit people from a broad range of backgrounds for a wide variety of roles. You won’t necessarily need a financial or mathematical background to work here – although obviously there are some roles where you’ll need to have strong numerical skills.

We’re looking for people of outstanding academic achievement, but we take a range of factors into consideration, not only a GPA or equivalent. In some countries, a minimum academic level is a requirement. More importantly than pure academic grades, we’re looking for people with the brightest minds, a genuine passion for working in global banking, and a real interest in Deutsche Bank as a place to develop their career.

Skills and qualifications

You should not only be passionate about the world of finance, but also show a keen interest in your chosen field. You already have a record of outstanding academic achievement and you’re eager to go on learning at the same intensive rate. So you’ll thrive on working in a highly collaborative environment with some of the best minds in banking. You’ll also be as motivated and ambitious as we are. Finally, because communication is key to everything we do – all our people need to be fluent in English (and, for some roles, at least one other language). Speaking German is not essential outside of Germany.

Graduation year

In general, our programmes our designed for a specific profile as follows:

Internship Programme – penultimate year students

Graduate Programme – final year students or within 12 months of graduation. (You must have no more than one year of permanent work experience).

Overseas students/Exchange programmes

If you are studying overseas or you are part of an exchange programme you are still able to apply for our programmes. It’s all about being proactive. Do your research thoroughly, and apply in plenty of time online. Although you may not have a chance to meet directly with us on campus, everyone has to submit their application online, so the recruitment process is the same for all.

Country of origin

We aim to hire and develop people from local talent pools wherever possible. However, there are some exceptions. In some countries, we do accept international applications. For the latest details, check our site regularly, or ask your local Careers Office.

Interview Preparation

Banking is a very diverse industry, so you could find your perfect career within any of our corporate or infrastructure divisions.

While your degree is important, we’re even more interested in how you have applied your knowledge and experience in your personal and professional life. We’re looking for people with genuinely agile minds who can demonstrate passion for the industry and the potential to build a long-term career with us.

Naturally, you’ll want to prepare for your interview, so here are a few pointers. We’ll need you to tell us why you’re right for Deutsche Bank, and equally importantly why Deutsche Bank is right for you. We’ll expect you to show real understanding of how we differ from other financial institutions, and tell us why the division you’re applying to meets your aspirations and ambitions.

Reading our website and Annual Report would be a good start, and you’ll gain invaluable insights by signing up to our social communities on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as talking to former interns or current employees at campus events. Alternatively, your careers service may be able to put you in touch with students who’ve worked with us.