The Student Room is a fun and friendly place to be, but you should follow these simple tips to ensure you stay safeThe Student Room is a friendly and helpful place, but remember there are some bad apples out there. With that in mind, you should keep a lookout for any antisocial behaviour while you're using TSR, just as you would on any other site.

This guide should be useful for anyone, though it's particularly aimed at school-age students. For an overview of things to look out for, you might also want to read our online safety refresher.

Forums like TSR are different from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. As with all open online communities, it’s quite easy to build up a picture of a user’s life, so it’s a good idea to take extra steps to protect your privacy.

When you sign up

  • Never use your full name or your surname as your username. It’s a good idea not to use your first name either.
  • Don’t choose a username that people can use to identify your school or where you live.
  • Don’t use a photo of yourself as your avatar.

Protect yourself online

  • Don’t give out your name, phone number, home address, email address or the name of your school

    Remember that you can never be 100% sure who is behind a username. Even if someone says they know you, they could be lying. Some people misrepresent themselves online by pretending to be teenagers or teachers, so your new friend may not be who they say they are. If someone offers to send you study materials or a gift, don’t give them your contact details. You can share study materials publically on TSR Learning and an offer of a gift may be a trick.
  • Do not respond to anything threatening, obscene, or suggestive

    Please contact us immediately if you see any messages or chats with inappropriate content.
  • Report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable

    If someone says something or asks you something inappropriate, or makes you feel uncomfortable, contact us, or click ‘report’. You can also tell your parents or a teacher, but please report it to us too so that we can investigate. If we need to contact the user, we won’t tell them who reported it.
  • You don’t need to answer questions

    If someone asks you a question and you don’t want to answer it, you shouldn’t. No one has the right to ask you personal questions or ask for your contact details, so it’s not impolite to ignore them, or reply “I’d rather not answer that”.
  • Never meet up with someone you’ve met online without a parent/guardian

    Help us fight cyber-bullies

  • Insults, harassment, and teasing are not allowed on The Student Room

    If someone insults you or is unkind to you, or if users gang up on you, report it to us. Even calling someone an idiot is impolite and disrespectful. People who misuse the live chat will get banned from all live chats.
  • Don’t get sucked into fights and arguments

    If you think someone is deliberately trying to provoke you or make you angry, just ignore them[/B]
    If they persist, tell us.