The Student Room operates a zero tolerance policy on bullyingThe Student Room is home to a friendly and welcoming community. Our site is a safe place where students can talk with old friends and new people. On The Student Room, we do not stand for bullying in any form and the site's staff, community team and members work very hard to prevent and stop bullying from taking place.

Here are some of the systems and policies we have in place. We know there is always more to do, and so these are constantly being reviewed and updated.
  • We have a vigilant moderation team

    The Student Room has a moderation team that is made up of more than 50 volunteers. They are supported by additional volunteer assistants from the community. The people that make up this vital team monitor and read our forums each day, stepping in whenever required.
  • Our full-time staff are always on-call

    The Student Room’s full-time staff provides 24-hour support to our community. All of the TSR moderators have the phone numbers of the TSR staff, so they can contact them at any time in case of emergency.
  • Anyone can report inappropriate content

    Our site includes a robust community reporting system. This enables any member of The Student Room to quickly flag inappropriate posts so they can be dealt with by our moderator and community team.
  • We have clear site rules

    Our site rules make it extremely clear that certain behaviour is not welcome on The Student Room. This includes trolling, abuse, swearing and spamming – people who break the site rules are warned and their post taken down or edited. If they continue, they are banned from the site.
  • Illegal activity is dealt with very quickly

    In very, very rare instances when posts have contained legally questionable material we have proactively reported members to the police and to their schools/colleges. In over a decade of TSR being online this has only been necessary a handful of times, but it is a measure that is open to us should it be needed.
  • We help vulnerable people in the right way

    We do not allow suicide or self-harm threads on the site at all. It’s not because we don’t care – we do – but we are not equipped to deal with these types of posts. However, several members of our moderation team are trained by Samaritans on how to deal with sensitive posts online. They move the posts to a private forum that only staff, mods and the original poster can see. The poster is then replied to carefully and given contact details for charities such as Samaritans and Night Line, who are trained to help.
  • All of our staff have been background-checked

    All of our volunteer community representatives and every member of TSR staff is DBS checked. This means their backgrounds have been checked to ensure they are all appropriate to work with a young audience.

Thanks to having these structures in place, our community is very sensible and cases of bullying rare and acted upon quickly. All cases flagged with us are dealt with within hours.

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