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<b>Justin Bieber, a once annoying pop star but now a semi-tolerable human being; what happened? It seems like JB is starting to become less of a pleb and more of an OK bloke after (according to Hollywood Life) management gave him a scare. Question is, has it really worked?</b>
Will you start Beliebing in the Bieb? Make sure you post in the comments below to share your thoughts (keep it clean!). Here are five reasons why you already love Justin Bieber but just don't know it yet:
<h3><b>1. The kid <i>has</i> got talent</b></h3>
Justin was headhunted at the age of 12 and I can see why because he's actually a pretty talented musician (even if you do hate his singing). So maybe his singing isn't everyone's cup of tea but if you watch a few of his Youtube videos of him just playing instruments you'd actually be impressed; he can play the piano, guitar and drums to a quality standard so fair play to the lad.
<h3><b>2. He's got better with age</b></h3>
He's now got tattoos and is attempting to grow facial hair so aesthetically 10/10 for effort, yet it looks like he's still got a bit of growing up to do with his childish ways. A few weeks back he complained that a cameraman was getting too close to him when he was trying to dance, but at least he didn't throw a complete tantrum like he used to. Only time will tell with Bieber to see if he is actually alright or not.

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<h3><b>3. What do you mean "Where are am I now?"</b></h3>
I really don't want to admit it, but the last two songs that Bieber has been involved in have actually been catchy little numbers. As much as anyone says they don't like his songs, they won't turn the station over if it comes on, on the radio. "Where are you now?" and "What do you mean?" are secretly amazing tunes but the nail biting question is what will JB's next song be called? "How's your mate?". Listen to the acoustic version of What do you Mean here

<h3><b>4. He's finally realised his old stuff was awful</b></h3>
We all know Bieber is pretty stubborn and is still pretty arrogant but hats off to him for laughing and admitting that one of his own songs (however catchy it might be for some people) was the most disliked song on Youtube. "Baby ft. Ludacris" being one of JB's first songs only hit number 5 in the US charts but was clearly hated by so many people. The Youtube video has over 8.5 million votes of which 5.1 million of these are dislikes, therefore making it the most disliked video on Youtube.
<h3><b>5. Comes out of his shell in carpool karaoke</b></h3>
For those of you that haven't seen carpool karaoke then you are <i>missing out</i>. This, alongside the new songs that Bieber has released in the last few months have been a turning point for many people; is Justin Bieber actually becoming more of a legend and less of a douche? We'll have to see, but it seems like he's winning alot of people over. Here's carpool karaoke with the Biebs and James Corden which is definitely worth a watch. Enjoy!

Do you think Bieber has changed or do you still think he's a bit of a tool?

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