Sponsored feature, words by Russ Thorne

Studying abroad can offer you much more than the chance to get some nice stamps on your passport. If you're starting your research into university it might well be worth considering. Here are just a few good reasons why you might want to think about studying in a different country as part of your UK degree...

1 – It can help you get ahead

Studying abroad through a well-known university can really impress employers when it comes to applying for jobs. In fact, according to figures published by the UK Higher Education International Unit, fewer than two percent of UK uni students currently study abroad, which makes it a great way to stand out from your peers.

The benefits don't stop there: the stats also suggest that studying abroad will mean you'll be more likely to be employed or in further study six months after graduating. You'll be more likely to earn a higher than average salary, too.

2 – You can enhance your performance

Spending some time overseas during your studies can be a great way of experiencing, a different perspective on your subject that can even help you improve your grades.

You might encounter different teaching methods or be able to take different modules that aren't available to you at home, all of which can enhance your knowledge. This can then be reflected in your final degree results, with research suggesting that students with some international experience under their belts are more likely to get that helpful 2:1.

You may also be able to help your money perform a little better. Schemes such as Erasmus + offer grants for students studying abroad and you may also qualify, for financial support and awards from your home uni too. For Study Abroad options where you spend a full year abroad you will pay a substantially reduced tuition fee for that year .

3 – You'll experience a new culture

One of the best reasons for any kind of travel is to see a new corner of the world. But when you live and study in a place you have the advantage of staying longer and really getting under the skin of a place, whether that's trying local cuisine or gaining an insight into customs or the way people do business.

The amount of time you spend abroad can vary. Erasmus + lets you spend a semester abroad at an exciting European destination without adding to the length of your degree, Meanwhile, the University of Liverpool's Year in China programme offers students from most of their degree courses the opportunity to study there, allowing you to immerse yourself in a fascinating and fast-moving society, learning about the language, culture and history of this amazing country.

4 – You'll develop new skills

Studying in the UK isn't just about the degree, and neither is going overseas. It will help you develop important life skills such as independence, resilience and confidence, not to mention introducing you to people and ideas from other cultures that you might not encounter here.

You' may also have the chance to gain some language skills, which is a great thing to have and also looks good on a CV. Don't worry about studying in a foreign tongue: all (non-language) degrees are taught in English, so there won't be a language barrier to leap over.

5 – It's an awfully big adventure

Studying abroad can enhance your job prospects, teach you about yourself and help you do well in your degree. It can also just be a really exciting experience. You'll go to places many of us never get to visit, make friends from all over the world and find out what student life is like in a different culture. Plus, you can use it as a base for further travels while you're there, to really make the most of your time in a region.

You can find out more from universities like Liverpool, or visit our forums to chat to other students about studying abroad. It might be the first step to an international adventure – but you might want to take your own tea bags with you!