What is HR and L&D?

HR is about making sure the right people are in the right jobs – literally providing human resources. HR professionals recruit, train and develop employees and look at how they get rewarded (pay and benefits). They’re dealing with legal issues, helping to shape the culture of their organisations, and focusing on what keeps their colleagues productive and engaged. L&D stands for learning and development and is specifically focused on helping people learn new skills so they’re motivated and productive at work.

What are my career options?

HR professionals can be involved in recruiting people, they could specialise in training and development, or they might help businesses decide how their staff should be paid and rewarded. There are even roles which focus on employment law, protecting the rights of employees at work. You could start off as an HR or L&D administrator, but progress all the way to the top of the business as an HR director or even set up your own business.

How much money could I earn?

If you’re just starting out from school or college you’ll probably earn around £15,000–£19,000 a year. But as you gain qualifications and experience your salary can go up significantly. HR managers can earn between £30,000 and £50,000 and HR and L&D directors over £80,000!

Where could I work?

HR gives you the opportunity to work in every sector, from media to engineering, from banks to charities. Most businesses need an HR professional to help them hire and support people management. The world is your oyster, as HR professionals work globally.

Will an HR career suit me?

If you’ve an interest in business, enjoy understanding how people work and what motivates them to perform well, a career in HR and people development could be the one for you. You’ll need to be balanced and objective as you’ll often be representing both your fellow employees and your employer. You’ll also be good at working with others and earning their trust and respect. A questioning mind along with an ability to be adaptable and patient will get you a long way.

What qualifications do I need?

If you want to gain a professional qualification in HR, you can study with the CIPD. Our internationally recognised HR qualifications can be taken in the UK, Ireland and internationally at universities, colleges and training providers.