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<b>Bullying affects more than 3.2 millions students a year worldwide (dosomething.org) so it's important to raise awareness.</b>
Just remember you're not on your own, don't be afraid to let someone know you are being bullied (friend, family member, teacher etc.). There are lots of things you can do if you're being bullied. We've put together a list of five things you can do to remain positive and help things get better for you, here they are:
<h3><b>1. Don't believe what they are saying</b></h3>
Don't take in or believe anything a bully is saying to you for a second. They think they are bigger and better than you so will say lots of things to you to upset you. Don't allow this to upset you, hold your head high and brush off the comments.
<h3><b>2. Ignore the bully</b></h3>
Ignoring your bullying is an important thing to do. A bully is looking to spark a reaction out of you so it encourages them to continue with what they are doing, don't give them the satisfaction. A few ways you can ignore a bullying could be; walking away as soon as they approach you or try to think of other things that will allow you to take your mind off of them.

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<h3><b>3. Stay confident and positive</b></h3>
This can often be a hard thing to but just remember to remain positive and confident. The reason why people bully is because they think people are weaker than them, prove them wrong, you are stronger than them and you can you get through this. You have lots of people that value and love you as a person so don't let just one or two people put you down, you're a strong person so remain confident.
<h3><b>4. Spend time with friends</b></h3>
Spend some time with people that love you and enjoy hanging around with you; see your mates in the evenings and weekends (or when you can). Spending time with your friends can help boost your self esteem, but it's also a great platform to speak to your mates about how you feel and what is going on in your life. Again, this is just another thing you can do to take your mind away from being bullied.
<h3><b>5. Speak to someone about it</b></h3>
This is the most important point to take in to consideration. As I've mentioned before, you're not alone, you're never alone in a situation like bullying so take some time out to speak to someone; turn to your family, your best friend, your teacher or if you feel like you can't talk to them then seek help and advice elsewhere. Other people are always willing to listen and trust me it feels good to get all the feelings you've had building up off your chest.

If you have any advice and want to share it, then please feel to share in the comments below!

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