The Student Room student survey

The Student Room surveyed more than 13,000 students in 2015 to ask their opinion on the university they attend and the course they are studying. The results of this survey are included in the UniMatch tool within the course rating data.

The Key Information Set (KIS)

The Student Room's UniMatch tool includes data from the Key Information Set (KIS).

The KIS data is intended to provide students with detailed information that can be used to compare institutions. It includes the information students have said they find most useful when choosing a course.

The KIS includes measures of student satisfaction from the National Student Survey (NSS). This is completed by more than 220,000 mainly final year students in the UK each year.

Data from the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) is also included. This survey gauges the opinions of students who gained a qualification from a university or college, six months after they left.

Students taking the DLHE survey are asked whether they are employed, studying, both or neither. In the KIS these results are combined with the results of a similar survey, the Long DLHE. This surveys a sample of those who responded to the DLHE, 40 months after they left university or college.

The KIS also contains some information provided by universities and colleges.