Sponsored feature, Words by Mat Fidge

Liverpool combines the buzz of a big city with the warmth of a small town.

It’s a city made for students: it’s both exciting and cosy at the same time – a bit like drinking bubbly in a bubble bath.
  • The travel gurus at Rough Guides recently voted it the third best city in the world

  • The industry experts at Group Leisure named it the most cultural city in the UK

  • Yet, it packs everything into a city that is just a 20-minute walk from end to end

Want to find out what Liverpool’s secret is?

We asked staff and students at Liverpool John Moores University to tell us just what makes Liverpool such a great place to study. Here’s what they shared with us.

1/ “It’s a city for students”

Do the maths!
Roughly 500,000 people live in Liverpool and nearly 70,000 of these are students at its four universities. It’s no wonder you’ll never walk alone!

“We like to make students feel welcome to their new home. That’s why we have 3,200 beds in our halls, and plenty of other accommodation options. All new students at LJMU are guaranteed accommodation right in the heart of the dynamic city centre.” - Ed Naylor, LJMU Accommodation Manager.

2/ “My money goes a lot further than it ever did in London”

Compared to many other places in the UK, Liverpool is pretty cheap when it comes to going out, paying rent and being able to enjoy student life.

So you can bank on having plenty of cash left over for trips to the nearby seaside, adventure sports in the Lake District, walking in Snowdonia or just monkeying around in Chester Zoo!

“At LJMU students are entitled to free off-peak membership to Lifestyles Fitness Centres across Liverpool plus exclusive discounts and freebies from places like Tate Liverpool, Sound City and loads more organisations.” - Curtis Reid, Student Opportunities Team.

3/ “Liverpool is alive with music!”

Not only can you live the life for less in Liverpool, it’s also rich in culture. This former European City of Culture just gets better and better.
  • Liverpool has more galleries than any other city outside London
  • It holds the Guinness Book of Records' title as the location that provides the most UK number one hit artists
  • The city was recognised in December 2015 as a City of Music by UNESCO

  • It is home to the North’s National Collection of Art (Walker Art Gallery) and to the Tate’s cultural headquarters beyond the Watford Gap

Liverpool music
Plus LJMU students get discounts at Everyman, Tate, Sound City and free tickets to the Philharmonic

4/ “I’ll be honest: it was a struggle to find time to study!”

Culture in Liverpool is far from framed and mounted on a wall or confined by bouncers to the clubs. It regularly spills out onto the streets and dances a little jig you are invited to join in with. Here’s a fact: Liverpool enjoys more festivals, free events and city-wide celebrations than any English city except London.

Let us count some of the ways:
  • Writing On The Wall – literary (May)

  • Arabic Arts ( June)

  • Brouhaha – carnival (July)

  • Comedy (September)

  • Homotopia – LGBT (September)

  • DaDa –LJMU-sponsored disability arts (September)

  • And more music fests than you can shake a drumstick at, including Brazilica, Milapfest (Indian), LIMF and Psych Fest.

5/ “It’s inspirational”

And what a place Liverpool is to live in!
Liverpool’s waterfront is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and the city has the largest collection of Grade II-listed buildings outside London. There were 2,500 listed buildings and 250 listed public monuments at last count.

6/ “I came to Liverpool to go places!”

For those with their eye on a career, Liverpool can get you a few rungs higher on that ladder.

“Our graduate employment rates are improving year on year, with more and more students securing prestigious positions.
All of our degrees include work-related learning, which means that don’t just leave with a good degree, you also leave with practical experience. And that’s invaluable.”
- Terry Dray, Director LJMU World of Work Careers Centre.

It is 300 years since the world’s first commercial wet dock was opened for business in Liverpool, 200 years since a whopping 40% of world trade passed through the city and it’s still business as usual.
  • Liverpool remains the busiest port in the north
  • It has a thriving film industry

  • It’s regional economy is one of England’s fastest growing

“My tutor was inspirational. He had worked in the industry and LJMU’s Centre for Entrepreneurship also assisted me with a business plan.”
Alex Campbell-Brunton, LJMU Product Design graduate.

What no LFC?

So there you have it – the secret of Liverpool’s success as a student city.
And not a single mention of Anfield.