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Living at Study Inn

Study Inn

Moving to a new home can always be a daunting experience. Study Inn offers a welcoming experience to ensure you ease into student life and your new surroundings, we will guide you through your first day and be available throughout your stay with us to offer any support you may require.

• Study Inn offers an all-inclusive comprehensive package, this is student life made easy

• Stunning, fully serviced rooms with your own private en-suite, Kitchen and equip with furniture and cooking equipment, everything you need is supplied at no extra cost.

• Our team of dedicated housekeepers are on hand to clean your room on a weekly basis, empty your bins and keep all communal lounges clean and presentable to ensure your stay at Study Inn is as pleasant as possible.

• Collect your parcels from the main reception from our dedicated team during parcel collection each day.

• Fantastic social space to interact with other residents, including social events organised by Study Inn, A dedicated fitness area is also free to use for those who wish to keep fit in their spare time.

• Feel safe and secure with our state of the art security system with a 24hr dedicated security team, on-hand for your comfort and safety.