Debate and Current Affairs is a lively, fast moving area of the site, so to help facilitate healthy debate and discussion we have created some helpful guidelines for those posting and creating threads in the D&CA forums.


The D&CA forum is divided up into the following sub-forums:

News and Current Affairs -- Join the debate on the latest breaking news stories.

Educational Debate -- Debate current events and changes in the education system.

UK Politics -- Debate issues related to the politics of the UK, such as the actions of any MP, any current or potential law, or any other factor affecting the British political system.

International -- Debate events occurring around the world, relations between countries, or actions of any group or organization with an international focus.

Society -- Debate issues that have a social and cultural impact, including but not limited to issues such as racism, teenage pregnancies, the social impact of religion, and the state of the education system.

Philosophy -- Discuss the merits and deficiencies of political theories and philosophical questions.

Religion -- Discuss religious, spiritual, and theological issues concerning Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or any other religion.

History -- Debate and discuss issues related to past events, people, places, or old empires and civilisations.

MHoC -- Join the Model House of Commons to take part in the politics!

MEU -- Join the Model European Union to help the team make decisions on EU rulings and regulations.

Guidelines for posting/ creating a thread

To create the best discussion possible, follow these simple guidelines and get a great debate in return!

- When presenting your topic be sure to include a link to your source if possible to allow members to read up on the topic.

- Where possible aim to use reputable sources and news articles

- Please bear in mind that everyone has an opinion and it is through these differences that great debate can be had!

- TSR is all-inclusive and we will remove any content that involves elements of hate speech, such as with Islamophobia, anti-antisemitism and racism so please be sure to debate within these guidelines.

- TSR will also remove content that glorifies or encourages terrorism as incitement, advocacy or suggestion of terrorist activities is illegal under UK law. This includes discussion of joining any terrorist groups or partaking in terrorist activity.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please get in touch in the Ask the Community Team forum!