Sponsored feature, Words by Mat Fidge

Does the thought of spending another three years with your head in a book make your toes curl a little?


Don’t worry you are far from alone.

If you can just stifle that yawn for a second there’s an exciting alternative to sitting through another lecture as life takes place without you outside the window.

• This is your chance to gain real skills rather than read about them
• This is your wide open door to the career of your choice

And what’s more you’ll be getting paid the second you start.

Kiss goodbye to that student loan and wave hello to a life less ordinary.

Fancy hearing more?

Let’s do this.

Earn while you learn

If you are thinking about an apprenticeship
then there is one organisation that would love to hear from you.

The Army is currently helping 17,500 people just like you to gain the skills they need to succeed in a new career.

What’s more they are paying them handsomely for it: £18,125 a year is three times more than the average apprenticeship scheme will get you.

And this is no ordinary apprenticeship scheme either:

• You can travel the world as you learn
• You will take part in adventure sports in your ‘work-time’
• There will be a community of fun, adventurous people for you to learn alongside
• Each year you can enjoy 38 days of holiday
• The rest of your days will be spent training with the best – the Army’s success rate is 80% higher than the average civilian apprenticeship scheme

Train for the future

The Army excels at apprenticeships: it is quite simply the largest provider in the UK.

So what do you want to do?

Whatever it is you are likely to be able to learn those skills in an exciting way and open up a bright future for yourself.

Forget what you think of as a ‘soldier’: soldiers today come from all walks of life and they carry out all sorts of roles. Training for combat is actually just one role in a long list that the Army offers.

There are over 200 jobs and trades on offer so there is certainly a place for you, whatever your skills or interests.

This is your true alternative to Higher or Further Education – and it is available at a range of levels from Intermediate to Advanced and Higher.

Here are just some of the things you could be doing on the Army’s 40 apprenticeship schemes:

• Aeronautical Engineering Army

• Animal Care
• Construction
• Cooking
• Engineering
• Healthcare
• Logistics
• And many more

Learn with a purpose

This is real-life learning for the real world.

You’ll be far too busy applying your new skills to even begin to wonder why you are being taught them.

And these are skills you will carry with you for life.

• You will be working towards a qualification that will be valued and recognised by all employers – the skills you learn will help you develop a career inside or outside the Army
• This is your chance to not only try new things but to make your CV stand out
• During your apprenticeship you will be on full pay – and at the end of it there is a guaranteed job in the Army waiting for you
• Indeed, your apprenticeship is just the start – there is extra funding available for you to receive further training should you wish

This is learning with a purpose and training for a brighter future.

And you are invited to join.

Want in?

How to get a piece of the action

To find out more about the number of apprenticeships on offer from the Army, and to see just how people like you have already benefitted from them, click here.

What are you waiting for?

Get in and get on!