School Leavers

Traditionally, there has only been one route when school comes to an end. University. Degree. Career. But things have changed. The world of business is changing, and there are now many professional opportunities available to you straight out of school.

Our opportunities are designed to help you develop your business skills while completing formal training and studying towards qualifications, alongside real client work with support from us all the way.

If you join us straight from school or college, you'll earn a salary and get experience from day one, while working towards a number of professional qualifications, which will often include a Higher Apprenticeship.

You've probably heard of Apprenticeships before, as a route into more practical jobs, like plumbing or building. Apprenticeships are available to you at Intermediate, Advanced and Higher levels. Higher Apprenticeships are designed to meet employers’ needs at a level equivalent to Higher Education. And in professional services, the Higher Apprenticeship is a new qualification allowing you to build a successful career in business with a large employer, without going to university or having a degree.