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Find something life-changing at the Financial Times


If you’re coming to the end of your degree you’re probably thinking a lot about your next move. Do you take a postgraduate course, opt for a gap year or find a job?

Taking those first steps on the career ladder can be an exhilarating prospect and naturally, you want to choose something which fulfils those all-important dream job qualities – excitement, variety, adventure, good prospects, competitive salary and benefits, the chance to meet new and interesting people and to make a difference. A career as a journalist at the FT could be just the ticket.

Not only will you be embarking on an appealing and varied career with a global employer but you will be earning a living at the same time. If you have just come out of university with a load of debt that’s not a bad prospect and definitely worth thinking about.

There is no single type of person who works at the FT, but a burning sense of intellectual curiosity and a passion for compelling, smart journalism unites them all.

Take a look at this short video, featuring testimonials from employees, to find out what the FT can offer you:

As a bright and aspiring journalist, the FT puts you at the heart of news and current affairs, offering you the chance to work with some of the most talented and prominent individuals in the industry.

The FT is a passionate and prestigious employer who not only wants to attract the best talent, but wants to help nurture and grow it too.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

Is a career at the FT for you?

You might still be thinking why on earth do I want to work for a financial newspaper, it’s full of ageing reporters who just write about numbers and are probably boring as hell. But you should think again because you couldn’t be more wrong.

Whatever section you want to work in, you’ll find a company bursting with ideas, bubbling with opportunities and full of talented and imaginative professionals who are the leaders in their fields.

There is a vibrant and dynamic mix of individuals, all united by a keen international awareness, endless intellectual curiosity and a constant desire to embrace new challenges.

The FT is continually investing in their development, empowering them to make decisions and take on leadership.

What does FT’s staff say?

You think newspapers and you immediately think of mercurial journalists chasing after stories, using every trick in the book to meet their deadlines and beat rival hacks to the exclusive.

There is a grain of truth in that in as much as important and hard-hitting news stories are an integral part of the FT but the idea of a lone wolf journalist set apart from the pack is a common misconception.

At the FT, the atmosphere is very much one of collaboration and friendliness, working together to produce first-rate stories with some of the best and most talented journalists in the world.

To give you a flavour of what it is like, here is what some of them say:

• “It’s a really nurturing environment for young reporters”

• “If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit you can just jump right in

• “A family – people tend to come here and stay for a very long time

• “You can find a lot of different jobs here and move between them –
you don’t get stuck

Your future at the FT?

The FT has been around for a long time – 125 years to be precise. But as we move further into the 21st Century the gap between print and online media has never been narrower and the FT is embracing this change with gusto. The opportunities for a career in this fast-paced digital age are enormous and you have the chance to be part of it.

The FT is actively seeking fresh talent who can bring in original ideas and meet some of these digital challenges.

If this sounds like you then you should check out the opportunities at the FT for yourself. You might just find the FT is the one employer who really will offer you your dream job.

For more information, visit the FT website.