Words by Aaman Birk

Not only is this time of year great for decluttering round the house, but it’s also a great time to relook at what is lurking in your makeup stash that could do with seeing the inside of your bin!

As much as it pains me to say buh-bye to makeup, sometimes it just needs to happen. So, what are my tips for giving your makeup bag a spring clean? Read on!

First of all, be strict (or stricter!) with your expiry dates. As much as you love that mascara and can still get decent use out of it, if it’s been open for 6 months or more, it’s time to trash it. If you use one mascara, most days, it should last around 3 months. So, if you’re throwing out multiple unfinished makeup items, maybe you’ve just got too many on the go at once! It’s tough, especially if you’re a makeup addict like me, but try and stick to just buying products you need and know you’ll get use out of.

Second up, and this is where I often trip up, trend makeup. I often go through phases of liking coloured liner and unusual colour eyeshadows, depending on the style of the moment or just my mood. But how do you incorporate them into your makeup collection without going overboard? Pick out your key pieces and go for items you can multitask with if possible. For instance, blushers that can be used as eyeshadows and lipsticks that can be mixed with some in your current stash to make them more wearable. Powder products are more guilt-free than cream or liquid as they last a lot longer.

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Box of makeup
Next, I’m sure we’ve all been here, it’s time to throw out all of the items in your stash that simply don’t suit you! You know how it happens. You either get given something as a gift, buy something on a whim or are recommended something your friend thinks is the best thing since sliced bread, that is actually pretty pants on you. There’s no point leaving those products to get dusty in the depths of your drawers. Everyone has some friend or family member willing to take those bits off your hands, make the most of it!

If you want a super-compact kit of essentials to take on the go, I had some recommendations for products that are very handy. I’ll leave off mascaras, liners and brows as they are naturally very compact, but there are definitely some ways to limit the space needed for other makeup items. Try a foundation stick, like the one from Bobbi Brown. It works as a great concealer as well as foundation, so no need to two separate products there. A translucent powder to set your foundation and control shine, like Benefit’s Agent Zero Shine is fab as it comes with it’s own brush and comes in nifty packaging that won’t take up an unnecessary amount of room.

I LOVE eyeshadow sticks, they are so easy for on-the-go use and are easy to slip into any makeup bag. Cream blushers work well as they don’t require their own brush (you can blend in with your fingers). But, if you’re like me and love powder blushers, there are some on the market that come with very handy little brushes. Dior and Benefit do these very well and Maxfactor too if you’re on a budget.

Hopefully, this has helped you rethink your makeup collection a little. I could do with listening to my own advice here to be honest. Here’s to a lighter product stash, with items that all get to be used before they go mouldy!

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