• Flashcards and revision cards

    Flashcards and Revision Cards are great for on-the-move revising and testing.

    flashcardsFlashcards use both sides of the card so you can test yourself by checking you know what’s on the reverse side.

    Revision cards are often larger than flashcards. This means they can contain more detailed information and key points can be emphasised with colour or highlighting.

    The TSR flashcard tool is designed to help you make great online flashcards. You can test yourself online or print and fold them to make two-sided cards.

    You can make revision cards on TSR too. Use different fonts, colours and formatting to make the key information really stand out. You can print these for maximum value.

    If you’d prefer to use existing sets of flashcards and revision cards then TSR has thousands of sets covering every subject at every level. You can search for revision cards, flashcards or both

    make your own

    How TSR members use flashcards and revision cards

    ‘For me they really help as they break the information up a bit although I put as much info on one revision card as it is humanly possible. My sister uses flashcards - putting words on one side and definitions on the other, so she can learn both and test herself. Both work for us, but it hasn't worked when we've tried each other's methods, so it really depends how you learn best.’
    ‘Flashcards are useful for remembering anything, however, they're more useful if you have somebody else using them to test you, as you naturally try harder to answer the question and focus on finding the answer more than if you're testing yourself. The more you recall the correct information purely from memory, the stronger your memory of that information gets.’
    ‘Test yourself by reading the front of each card and trying to recall the answer. If you get an answer correct, place that card in a pile designated for facts you've memorized. If you miss an answer, put that card in a pile of facts you still need to learn. Retry the questions you've missed until you've memorized all the flashcards.
    Tips for making great flashcards and revision cards

    flashcards• Examples of how you can use flashcards:
    front back
    questions answers
    key terms definitions
    date what occurred
    name what they said
    • Make your revision cards memorable and easy to read by using different colours and highlighting.
    • Go through each card in turn. Place them in one of three piles according to whether you know them, partly know them or don’t know them at all. Focus on the cards you don’t know and partly know – try to move cards from pile to pile until they are all in the ‘known’ pile.
    • Test yourself regularly on your cards – not just once.

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