How and when to apply for a Postgraduate Loan

Apply now!

The quickest way to apply is online at

You only apply once for the Postgraduate Loan as the support is for the duration of your course. So if you’re studying over two academic years or more, don’t re-apply. We’ll contact you before your next year begins.

You don’t need to have accepted a place at university to apply. You can apply using your preferred choice of course and you can update this later if you need to.

Before you start your application you should have the following to hand:

  • Valid UK passport details (if you have one)
  • Preferred university and course details

You’ll also need your UK bank account details and UK National Insurance number if you have them, but you can provide these later if you don’t. Once you start your application you can save it at any time and go back to it later.


We can’t process your application until we have all the information and any evidence we’ve asked for. In most cases you can provide all the details we need simply by filling in the application form. For example, we can use the details of your valid UK passport to confirm your identity.

In some circumstances we might ask you to send more information or evidence, like your non-UK passport. You should send any information or evidence as soon as possible so your application isn’t delayed.

What happens next?

Before you submit your application you should read the Terms and Conditions of your loan. Once you’ve submitted your application you should print and read the declaration form. This will come up at the end of your application and you should sign and return it to us as quickly as possible.

Once we’ve assessed your application we’ll send you a letter confirming how much Postgraduate Loan you’re getting. You should keep this letter safe as you might have to show it to your university when you register.

What if anything changes?

You must let us know if any of your personal, university or course details change. You can check how to do this by logging in to your account at

Getting paid

You have to register at university and start your course before we can make the first payment.

The Postgraduate Loan will be paid directly into your bank account. It can take two or three days for the payment to reach your account, depending on your bank. We’ll make payments to you three times during each academic year.

You’ll repay any Postgraduate Loan you get, including any interest that’s charged. Go to the Postgraduate Loan – Repayment page for more information about repaying your Postgraduate Loan and the interest that’s charged.