Excited for uni, bored of revision? Here's 10 reasons why our A-level community are counting down the days until Freshers.....

1. No more curriculum, you get to focus on a subject you love

Yes, you get to read for hours on end about what you actually enjoy, not on what the government thinks you should know.

Brand new information

2. New semester means new stationery

Getting ready to shop for new notepads, pens and Sharpies...

New stationary

3. Moving to a new place

Spending the beginning of September wondering how much of your stuff you can fit into the back of your parent's car....

Brand new information

4. Freshers week

  • Fresher fair attendance - a must

  • Fresher boozing - optional

  • Fresher's flu - AVOID

Ready to party

5. Meeting people you actually want to be friends with

Halls, course, student groups and societies, are all great places to make new pals.

We're very hufflepuff here

6. Joining weird and wonderful societies

Pirates, pagans, onesies and extreme BBQing - anything goes at uni.

Brand new information

7. Doing your own food shopping

Supermarkets are the new toy shops for the young independent adult - you can have anything you want. First stop the pop tart aisle, stocking up for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Food shopping

8. Being independent from parents

Budgeting and spending your own cash and feeling empowered to make your own sensible decisions all by yourself. Not forgetting, testing out how long you can really sleep in for with no one nagging you to get up.

Food shopping

9. Feeling flush

That moment when you log into your online banking and see your student loan has hit your account.....

Blowing my student loan

10. Finding love

Cupid on campus..... who are you destined to meet?

Food shopping

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