Red carpetDo you fancy joining the TSR VIP team?

It's TSR's exclusive club for people who help the whole community by regularly responding to unanswered threads.

Every week, we run a prize draw for all members of the team - with the winner bagging a £25 Amazon voucher.

And at the end of the month, there's a special draw for the most active members of the team, with a £50 Amazon voucher up for grabs.

More VIP team details on the official thread

Get involved

We had four weekly winners in May: SeanFM, Claireestelle, PQ and SecretDuck each won £25 in vouchers, and Clairestelle had another win in the monthly draw, claiming the £50 prize.

Fancy joining them? There are currently 21 people in the team, and that means there's space for another four more. Everyone has the chance to be a part of this. Every month we'll look at people from outside the team who have been making lots of helpful replies and invite the best ones to join.

So, if you want to get an invite, you just need to look for unanswered threads that you can help with and then get stuck in.

Find threads

The VIP club exists because we have so many new discussions being started on The Student Room every day. That means that some threads might get missed and not get a reply. But we think everyone deserves a reply when they've got a question to ask or a point to make. And that's why we launched the VIP team.

Below is a series of quick links to unanswered threads from around the site - just click through to get started. Or check out the TSR VIP club thread to find out more.

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