The power of the night is well and truly in the north. Seven of the best unis for nightlife are in that part of the country, according to Which?'s newly published survey. And the top spot might come as a surprise (or not, considering it occupied the same spot in 2014).

What better way to build up some early excitement for university than knowing you're guaranteed to have a great nightlife? Take a look at the list and see if your university is on there...

The sun setting over Severn River

10. University of Bristol

Bristol's nightlife is highly acclaimed, boasting a variety of large clubs and underground gigs. It has even been awarded the Purple Flag status for many of its districts, which means that it has met or surpassed the standard of excellence for managing evening and night-time events.

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Silver Jubilee Bridge

9. Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester's nightlife is legendary, and it is a place where you will always find somewhere that you can fit in. It has a host of pubs, restaurants and clubs, many of which can be found in The Northern Quarter.

There are plenty of musical night time events, inspired by the Beatles

8. Liverpool John Moores University

If you're not fancying the clubbing scene or going to the pub then Liverpool provides an alternative that will have you in tears - tears of laughter that is. It is home to the Laughterhouse Comedy Show, voted one of the top five comedy clubs in the country and is regularly visited by the likes of John Bishop, Jimmy Carr, Jack Whitehall and Sarah Millican.

The fast paced nature in the day in London transfers into the night

7. London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London

Not as high up as it would like to be, London will always find its way onto the list due to the sheer size and grandeur of some of its clubs and bars. It lays claim to superclubs, such as Ministry of Sound, Fabric and Heaven.

Late night football is also available as the city is home to two of the biggest rivals in the UK

6. University of Manchester

Manchester used to boast two of the most famous nightclubs in the UK in the form of The Twisted Wheel and The Hacienda but it has adapted to the call for more night-time bars. In particular, The Liars Club is a popular choice if you're into rum. It is known as the largest rum collection in town, as well as proclaiming to have some of the best tropical cocktails around.

By heading down to the seafront, you will encounter many different and fun clubs

5. University of Sussex

Brighton is emerging as one of the best nightspots in the UK. Many of the city's biggest clubs are on the seafront, the likes of Coalition, Funfair and The Haunt, and they are always full of people ready to party. Not into clubbing? You will be able to find a pub or a cocktail bar on every street corner. Be At One and My Hotel are only a couple of bars from a long list that are great for socialising and drinking into the night.

The Light Night in Leeds is a spectacle that occurs every October

4. University of Leeds

Like all the cities on this list, Leeds boasts a diverse population and the LGBT community is a big part of the nightlife. In particular, The Calls and Lower Briggate has been highlighted as the main hub of LGBT nightlife in Leeds. There are plenty of bars, clubs and musical events that are going on at night time, which is when Leeds truly comes alive.

Liverpool comes alive at night

3. University of Liverpool

Those looking for a good time in Liverpool would be glad to be pointed in the direction of Concert Square. It's the hub of Liverpool nightlife, especially for the latest chart, R&B and hip-hop music. Alternatively, there is an aptly named club called Krazyhouse, a three-floored club that occupies a space that used to be a factory.

Millennium Bridge, Gateshead

2. Newcastle University

Do you fancying dancing by the River Tyne? Occupying the second spot in this list, Newcastle is sure to give you a night to remember. The city has long been known as party central, and you will be surrounded by thousands of people wanting to have a great time. The bars and clubs occupy a very small part of the city, but it ensures that you can visit each one during the night.

Gateshead Showboat Festival

1. Northumbria University

Northumbria University tops the list, just as it did back in 2014. Based in Newcastle, its position reinforces that Newcastle is the place to be if you are into having a great night out. The club called Digital has well and truly established itself in the city and is a must for students: 80p entrance and selected £1 drinks. Say no more.

What do you think? Is the northern domination of nightlife justified? Have your say in the comments.

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