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Your choice of subject and degree course is a very important part of the uni decision-making process. But just as important is where you choose to study: find the right university, one that fits your personality, and you'll really make the most of your time as a student.

Some people are better suited to a university with accommodation and study sites in many different locations. For others an intimate campus with a collegial atmosphere – like Liverpool Hope - is just the ticket. So what makes the experience unique?

All Together Now

Liverpool Hope
The collegial philosophy is all about creating a tight-knit community, with student halls, teaching facilities and everything else you might need collected together. In the case of Liverpool Hope there are two main teaching campuses, with modern and listed buildings side-by-side in beautiful landscaped grounds, plus Aigburth Park Student Village, which provides additional halls of residence.

This kind of setup creates an inclusive feel and attracts a diverse student body, including students who live off campus. “Hope welcomes people of any background and any age,” explains graduate Sandra Clarke, “everyone is treated with respect.” You get all the benefits of that diverse environment, plus you're all on site together so there's a chance to get to know people better.

Beautiful Minds

It can be a lot easier to focus on and enjoy your studies when you're in a consistent, supportive learning environment. “Hope has a team of highly qualified and inspiring professors,” says Business Management grad Nayana Gopi. “Their continuous support and encouraging words have helped me in every stage of my academic and professional career.”

Plus living on campus means the library or lecture theatres are never far away, and you’re close to all of the on-campus amenities including student social spaces, like Our Place at Liverpool Hope. It also cuts down on commuting, meaning you can spend longer doing the things you like instead of traveling to and from uni.

With a little help from my friends

An essential element of any university experience is making new friends, developing as a person and generally trying to find yourself. Collegial communities like Liverpool Hope can really enhance that side of your student life, surrounding you with like-minded souls in an environment specifically designed to create the best possible student experience, including social spaces, cafes and sports facilities . “Hope provides a caring environment where you can be confident to express your opinions and beliefs,” says grad Amy McGlynn.

Because you're part of a community you don't feel like you're just a face in the crowd, either - there's a personal touch, says English Lit student Bethany North. “It's such a nice university, with a great ethos. You feel at home here as you’re a name, not a number.”

Across the Universe

However, being part of a campus community doesn't mean being under the dome for three years. The campus is there for you, but we live on a small island so you're never far away from other attractions.

For Liverpool Hope students that means being part of Liverpool itself, a former European Capital of Culture and one of the UK's most vibrant cities, with the city centre a short bus ride away; and it’s close to Manchester and the Great British countryside too. “You have all that comes with a major city but in just 20 minutes on the train you can be at the amazing Sefton Coast,” says grad Tom Richardson about the benefits of Hope's unique location. London is just two hours away by train too.

Perfect Match

Your time at uni is what you make of it, and if you pick the right study location you'll have given yourself the best possible start. The unique atmosphere and constant support of life on a campus like Liverpool Hope's might even encourage you to push yourself further than you otherwise would. “You learn to stand on your own two feet,” says Hope grad and GB athlete Jenny Meadows. “You learn discipline and confidence and become a more rounded person.”

World class tuition, top facilities, a supportive environment and often a beautiful, boutique location....picking a uni with a slightly different approach really could lead to big things. “My time at Hope has enabled me to grow as an individual and given me the inspiration to strive for my goals,” says sport grad Roxanne Thorpe. “It's been a brilliant three years of my life.”

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