Sponsored feature, words by Charlotte Wilson

So you’re going to university!

Freedom beckons, along with a houseful of like-minded students. Parties, takeaways and Netflix binges all year round… ideal, right?

Well, maybe. Moving in with housemates can be plain awkward – after the sixth polite message to the WhatsApp group about picking hair out of the plughole, other people’s little habits can really start to grate.

We’ve identified six types of people you’ll inevitably meet. Which one are you?

To help you prepare, here’s a handy list of six students everyone shares with at some point during uni.


There’s always one isn’t there? They’re allergic to buying rounds, paying bills on time and chipping in for that hungover pizza delivery. Have you ever seen them buying milk or washing-up liquid? Yep, that’s **** alright. They’ll borrow your clothes without asking, pile up all their used plates in the sink and will blast their terrible music until 5am the day before a massive exam. Nobody wants to live with ****. Don’t be ****.

The Party Animal

Nothing’s ever boring when you have a party animal in the house – they’ll be the first one bulk-buying festival tickets, opening tabs and throwing fancy dress parties on a Tuesday night before that killer 9am seminar. Every. Single. Week. They’re the perfect housemate at the weekend, but during the week… not so much. If you’re living with The Party Animal, expect to bring your A-game at Halloween (no cats or witches here), always find glitter in the weirdest places and learn to say no sometimes when you just can’t face your 27th night out in a row.

The Diva

Nothing’s ever easy with The Diva is it? If a fiver goes through the wash in the pocket of their jeans, you’ll hear about it for weeks afterwards. If their t-shirt shrinks in the wash, that’s their day – and yours – ruined. As much as life with The Diva feels like living in a soap opera, it would be a lot more boring without them around. Before you know it, you’ll know every detail of their lives – just be sure not to get on their bad side or you’ll regret it pretty quickly.

The Control Freak

Oh god, the exclamation marks. The underlining. The endless capital letters. The Control Freak bulk bought their Post-It notes in first year and they’re not afraid to use them. They will know exactly what you owe them to the penny, and they’re not shy about asking for it back. Yes, even 5p. It’s the principle, right? On the plus side, they’ll probably take on most of the cleaning because nobody else followed their colour-coded rota, and nobody can vacuum a carpet to their standards anyway. Coasters at the ready – you’re in for a very safe, sensible ride with this one.

The Peacemaker

Aww, bless The Peacemaker. All they want is a quiet life, and they’re always the first one to offer to help with the cooking, cleaning and grocery runs. You’ll mention your love for mac’n’cheese once in Freshers’ Week and they’ll rustle one up for you whenever you’re feeling down, and they’ll always share lecture notes when you develop a strange 24-hour bug every Monday morning. The Peacemaker is so sweet that people often take advantage of them, so be sure to let them know that their efforts are appreciated.

The Spoilt Brat

The Spoilt Brat may mean well, but they’re utterly clueless when it comes to money. As far as they know, money just appears in their account like clockwork every week from mummy and daddy. They won’t know how to use any of the appliances, will probably ask you how to boil an egg and will sulk when there’s nowhere to park their brand new car. They just need a little hand holding to understand life out in the big wide world. Expect to get to know their parents seriously well during their weekly laundry pick-up and drop-offs.


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