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It’s your first night in halls – would you let your mum stay over?<br>

“No chance,” you’re saying. But then she actually asks… and how do you get out of it then?

It’s not the only tricky situation you might face during Freshers’. Read on for six things you always wanted to know about going to uni, but were too embarrassed to ask…
<h2>Help! My mum wants to stay over in halls</h2><br>
Member s4ffy was worried about what her mum would do after their long drive up to uni “Apparently she's going to stay with me in halls and when I refused, she got quite upset and offended. Am I in the wrong here?”

You’re well within your rights to say ‘no’, of course. But if you do want your parents to stay, check first with your uni to see if it's OK. You can always suggest a hotel (and offer to pay or spilt the cost if you’re feeling generous!).

Don’t forget, this can be a tough time for your parents too. It might be that they just need a bit of a chat. “You need to explain to her that it's a rite of passage,” says carnationlillyrose. “It isn't a change for the worse. It means that you and she are adults and have different needs and responsibilities than when you lived at home.”
<h2>Are shared bathrooms as bad as some people say?</h2><br>
“I can’t stand dirt or unhygienic behaviour like wee on the seat or on the floor.” Member talulahjane was so worried about sharing a bathroom, they even considered bringing a portaloo to university!

Some freshers luck out with an en-suite, but if you are in a shared bathroom – don’t worry about it. Your uni will make sure it’s cleaned regularly – most likely every day.
<h2>I’m worried about being homesick</h2><br>
Homesickness affects pretty much every new student, but people tend to be shy talking about it.

Still, it’s something you’ll probably come up against at some point and one thing that can help is taking a little bit of home with you. It doesn’t have to be ‘sensible’ stuff either; some of the answers to our are you bringing something strange to uni? thread include sock monkeys, cat cushions and cuddly molecules.

The touch, smell or feel of your chosen snuggly can help with homesickness, so if you are one of the thousands of students bringing a teddy to uni, cuddle them with pride.

For more on handling homesickness, read our article on how to deal with it.<br>
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<h2>Do I have to drink to enjoy Fresher’s Week?</h2><br>
“Is it seen as weird by people you meet in freshers if you don’t drink? Can I still make friends?” asked LawsStudentx.

Loads of people choose not to drink at freshers; recent stats show that around a quarter of all young people are teetotal.

It might seem that lots of Freshers activities are geared towards drinking, but you don’t have to be 10 Jagerbombs down to join in.

“The foundations of friendships are not built on [whether you go] clubbing, drinking and partying,” says JustGeorgeJ. “Do what makes you comfortable and people will respect that. You can still attend freshers events and be social without drinking - yes, you can still make friends.”
<h2>I’ve got a weird hobby – will it help me make friends?</h2><br>
When member similarBlank’s asked us “should I get my deck out at university?” (hurr hurr), the overriding response was YES. Having an unusual or interesting hobby – from Yu-Gi-Oh! to yoga – can help you make friends.

People are so diverse and you’ll find that more than ever at uni. Be yourself: a bit of kookiness is always welcome.
<h2>Sex and uni – contraception and toys</h2><br>
Lots of people wonder where to buy condoms. “You could ask at your GP surgery,” says aerialmedic. “There are usually sexual health clinics around university areas - you most likely wouldn't need an appointment. Some sexual health clinics offer 'C-Cards’ - which let you pick up free condoms at Boots and other places.”

Failing that, free condoms get handed out at freshers events and you can always buy from your local pharmacy at a push.

And finally – if you’re thinking about taking sex toys to halls and want some advice on being…well…subtle, we can do no more than direct you to the eminently useful transporting sex toys to uni thread…

Do you have any other questions about starting uni? Post them below...
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